Asking questions makes a difference

by | Jul 31, 2022 | Business, General, Strengths

Being someone who can get on a rampage of asking questions, the key, with practice, is pacing yourself.

Being highly strategic, among many things asking questions, whether it’s internally or out loud, is how I gather information to access the big picture and the details. It’s a journey that includes many deep dives and rabbit holes, can you relate?

The process, while time-consuming when I’m gathering information becomes intuitive with time as the information is absorbed, and with time I make decisions quickly. What people often miss at later stages of the process when things move fast is the time invested prior, can you relate?

Having said that I also have a strength that is all about igniting and moving fast and another one that taps into both the future and my inner gut aka compass.

The frequencies and speeds you operate at are unique and actual hands-on experience speeds things up further.

So what happens when the people around you are the complete opposite of you?

#1 Communicate

Having open communication is important. Using talent assessments is fun and helps speed up the process of appreciating what someone opposite to you can offer you. Now, having said that, not everyone is open to communicating which ultimately goes back to…

#2 Your vibe

When people resist there’s often a reason. It could be a multitude of reasons so having heart-to-heart conversations with your team ongoingly is very important. You influence people even when you don’t say a thing, body language and action speak louder than words.

#3 Trust

Without trust, teams fall apart and companies sail into the sunset eventually. Where there is trust, there’s no stopping you and you’re in flow. That goes for you as an individual as well! When you trust your instincts and feel great inside life tends to work in your favor.

#4 Consistency

Just like you won’t get fit by working out once a year, consistency is key. Connecting with your direct reports every week at a minimum. It doesn’t have to be long conversations but emails and texts can at times leave a lot to wonder about. When you know your people there are fewer miscommunications and productivity flourishes.

#5 Roles

Sometimes we end up in roles that are the opposite of where our rockstar talents reside. Some create success no matter what but often have that feeling inside that you never get to do what you’re here to impact. When you match your talents to a role where you can shine, everyone wins.

Contrary to popular belief it’s not our weaknesses that create havoc, it’s our natural talents when not utilized that tend to have strong opinions that get expressed in a variety of ways.

#6 Talent Assessments

Yes, I love them, and they’re great tools for embracing what you bring to the table whether you work or not. Just think about the people you enjoy spending the most time with, they have something that you appreciate and it’s not their title that determines that, is it?

What has your success formula been for building great teams?

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