What frequency are you vibing at?

by | Jul 24, 2022 | Business, General, Strengths

Have you ever been in an environment where people don’t get what you’re saying? Not because you’re speaking fast or slow or have an accent. I mean situations where you speak plain English and people can’t follow or understand what you’re saying. I get reminded about that myself now and then. What it’s all about is that there’s a gap between your energy frequency vs. the person who expresses something like that to you.

When you interact with people that match your energy or where you have to stretch yourself, you feel inspired. You get each other, ideas flow, and the vibe expands every time you interact. You’re having fun! It’s a similar experience to when you’re operating in your talent zone and experience flow.

Are you drained or energized?

The energy I’m referring to is about everything that’s not spoken out loud, seen, or maybe not even understood, and it also includes body language. When you’re tuned in to the energy of others, the transmission you receive can be louder than words. You’ve been in situations where you call BS knowing that someone is full of it? That’s an example of energy transmission.

Then there are the people that drain you, where you feel wiped out after spending time with them. You find yourself slowing down to tractor speed when you’re a race car.  Who drains you vs. me can vary since we’re all functioning at different frequencies and awareness levels at any given time. Either way, energy suckers are people that don’t contribute energy and function at a lower frequency than you. They literally can’t hear or understand you, it’s as if you’re speaking a different language, and you are energetically speaking.

It’s not about being right or wrong, we all have different perspectives, and it’s all part of the awakening process. When you start feeling energy drained repeatedly, you may want to start paying attention when it happens. Is it a specific person or a situation? When you’re feeling drained—it can also be that you’re resisting something. Either way, identify what it is for you and take note. When it persists, ask yourself if there are other options, people, or situations that would be a better energetic fit for you? Note that it’s about YOU making changes that empower you without blaming anyone.

How aware are you?

Creating a life that turns you on rarely happens when you have draining people around you, but maybe that’s your superpower? You can inspire people when they’re asking for it. When people are not open, it’s an uphill battle. Go and do something fun that perks you up instead! In the process, you might find that you attract people that want to play!

We pick up other people’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, all the time. Traffic affects many what if that is simply you tapping into the energy of the strangers around you sharing the road? When you’re happily enjoying your drive, and then, in an instant, your mood changes, ask yourself, what changed? Sure we can all have a WTF moment, and when that stays with you longer than a split second, could it be that you’re simply acting out on the energy of that person’s craziness?

The same goes when you’re speaking in front of a group or find yourself in a group setting. You pick up all the emotions from your audience, and you’re the one being nervous and having mind chatter galore. It’s kind of funny when you get that. Some people thrive on the energy of groups no matter what. They tune into the vibe of the room and raise the vibe even more. When you communicate, strategize and brainstorm in an environment like that, the possibilities are infinite.

Other energy examples are the four seasons, when you look at spring, summer, fall, and winter, especially when you live in a location where seasons change more drastically. The pace changes and your mood may be affected. We’re all at different stages of awareness in all areas of life. People that are masters have their moments too. They’ve just practiced it more than you.

Don’t stay in environments that drain you. Find people that appreciate and understand you. Contribute good vibes to each other and notice how quickly the vibe and mood of a group change. One person can make a difference and shift the trajectory of the vibe in a room. The culture of a business can turn around quickly when you have a leadership that energizes its people. Share the vision you see possible for your people and business front and center.

Different talents and perspectives are always great when people are game to play. When your energy frequency increases, you’ll feel yourself soar to new heights of inner happiness in every area of life. New possibilities present themselves out of the blue, and you’re feeling awesome—Creating a life that turns YOU on.

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