Creating a life that turns you on

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Business, General, Strengths

Imagine waking up each day with an inner calm and excitement for the day ahead. You’re jumping out of bed and ready to get started! For some of you, that may seem like a pipe dream. It’s not—it is possible. While you may look happy, your inside might have a different story to share. To have a life that turns you on is an inside job. When you’re clear on what your priorities are to feel fab on the inside, include those actions in your daily life. Imagine what would be possible for you if everyone around you knew that too. When you know what you bring and need as a person to the core of your being, you’re halfway there!

It’s important to have a work-life balance that works for you to be successful in business and feel great. What that looks like for you is as unique as you are. We live in a reality where many feel the need to be available 24/7—especially when you’re a leader in a global company.

When you’re off your game, there are often needs within you that haven’t been met. You end up feeling stressed, crappy, and maybe even cranky with your team at home or in business. What will that create in your life long-term? Stress impacts your overall health and well-being and performance in all areas of life.

Sleep, exercise, and eating in a way that works for you are crucial parts. Are you prioritizing this as much as your business targets? What time of day do you find that you’re the most productive and can contribute the most to your business? Sometimes, simply shifting your work hours around can make all the difference to feeling that you have it all.

Creating a business that flows

First, get clear on what turns you on, said in another way—what energizes you? What activities bring you so much joy that you’re in the zone and have a natural high afterward? Don’t remember? Consider looking back at your younger self and what you loved doing—What were the interests and activities that were fun and engaged you? If you stopped, ask yourself why?

As a leader, you have the freedom to create a team that can help and that loves doing what you don’t. Allow the stars on your team to help you and let them shine in the areas where they excel. Be generous in your praise and acknowledge the difference it’s making on a regular basis. When you care about your team, they will be more engaged and want to help you succeed.

With the right team in place, delegating what you don’t thrive on doing, you free up time to focus on your areas of talent with projects that excite you. Whether it’s new opportunities, strategies, networking, checking in with your team more regularly from a well-being perspective, or simply all the items on your list that you never got to before. How would you feel if you were to spend your days focusing on what has you thrive while contributing to the business’s success?

What do you need to thrive?

You influence the growth of your business when you’re a leader that positively impacts and empowers the people working there. When you have a healthy work-life balance, you also indirectly communicate that it’s OK for your team to take a break.

What are the things that you love to do? Is it empowering and inspiring your team, board, and partners to invest? Speaking your vision and connecting with your team in such a way that they hear what you have to say and then take action generates growth.

A business is a living organism and just like our lives change, so does your business. The people you have in it impact growth, performance, and well-being on so many levels. Diversity is very important in every way as it brings different perspectives and more of a 360 insight into all areas of your business. Having team members that connect with each other and the vision of your business helps you grow it faster. Are you communicating what your company stands for and how it translates to your team?

Your personal life

If you have a partner, reignite the kind of intimacy with your partner(s) of choice that you once had. The kind that comes when you’re having open communication about everything. Having a thriving sex life benefits all areas of life. Engaging in activities that are fun for both parties.

It could also be to offer each other space to do things separately. What are the areas where you align and where don’t you? A lot comes down to being open, courageous, and vulnerable when you speak up about your needs and desires. Your interests may change as you grow.

If you’re single and love it, own it and continue to create a life that turns you on and works for you! Explore what tickles you and enjoy the ride. Here it’s just as important to surround yourself with people that appreciate who you are and what you bring. It’s OK to change circles of friends when the vibe is not working. It’s also OK to be on your own if that’s your preference. Again, what energizes you?

How you feel matters, and it’s your responsibility to communicate and ask for help. Talking through what’s up with a trusted friend or advisor can help you get out of the mind chatter when you’re stuck. You may find that you have a lot of people in your life who care about your well-being. And with the internet, you have access to friends & family unless you’re at a location without it. Even when we have people in our lives that trigger us, it’s a call to action. You have the option to find an environment that works better for you. It may take some effort but aren’t you worth that investment?

When you’re happy & fulfilled in your personal space, it impacts your business and vice versa. What’s possible when you are turned on by life and in your talent zone? Quite simply, everything flows with ease. There are endless possibilities that you can access. New ideas, people, and business opportunities can show up without much effort.

Where do you start?

First and foremost, focus on your talents, from your innate talents to setting targets in business and your personal life that excites and stretches you. Hire a coach or therapist in the area of need. Talking things through with a neutral third party that will keep the conversations confidential can be liberating as you process your situation. With your targets set, take daily actions towards achieving them and include the activities that energize you, that are fun, as they will help you achieve your targets.

It starts with that one first step, then one day at a time, that turns into many more. Imagine what you can shift in 30-60-90 days and beyond?

Are you ready to take action on your own, or do you need some help to shift your perspectives? Check out my work with me page to see if I can help.

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