What are you excited about today?

by | Aug 2, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

Did you close a big account or convert someone you’ve been working on for a while? Or are you lagging behind and worried about the future?

We live in contrasting times; for some, business is thriving; others, not.

With a consumer-facing product, you have prospects walking around in masses and more competition.

More specialized products sold to professionals may come down to how the industry is doing currently.

Either way, even in a downturn, people become millionaires. With that, what CAN you do to generate new possibilities?

It starts with you. Always.

First, how you feel about yourself and your abilities affects how others perceive you. Now, some may not be able to pinpoint what it is — it could simply be they are hesitant to say yes.

Secondly, don’t take things personally. When you’re in sales, you develop a thick skin to rejection and can shift it into a fun game where you simply focus on how many “no’s” it’ll take to get your next yes.

Where is your excitement?

How and where do you experience the feeling of success in your body? You know when you’re so excited about life or that big sale?

Now, when you don’t hit your number, does it hit the same spot, or is it in a different spot?

When you tap into how you feel in your body, especially focusing on what makes you feel good, excited, and stoked – where do you feel it in your body?

Once you’ve identified the feeling, then you can tune in to your body and ask yourself, “How or what actions can you take to create more of this yummy feeling?” It may feel awkward in the beginning as it’s something you often do on autopilot.

By simply adding the question of “How can I create more of this?” while thinking about the spot and feeling in your body when you’re stoked, you’re simply asking your body for guidance on where to find more of that.

Follow the impulses you receive if they feel good; don’t if you have a sinking feeling. It’s that simple.

Self-reflection is an important component of success. How you do that will vary just as much as your talents, needs, experiences, skills, and more.

Do you spend it listening to podcasts or music that inspires you or making calls? 

If you have a lot of windshield time, there’s plenty of time in between appointments to strategize on your next steps. 

Using quiet time or downtime may be part of your success formula to help you reach your next success. 

When working from home via phone or video calls, it becomes even more important to stay focused on your tasks, whether you write them down or not, to achieve what you consider success on a daily basis.

Being visible so that people keep you in mind for when they’re ready to buy and for your existing customers to know that you’re there for them.

And remember, tune into that body of yours and follow its guidance. Try it; you’ve got nothing to lose by connecting, do you?

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