Are you a catalyst for change?

by | Jul 26, 2020 | Business, Strengths

Change shows up in many ways; it can be welcomed or, when forced, rejected.

Whether you like change or not, it’s something you can count on happening around you all the time, and eventually, you have to adjust, whether you like it or not.

Looking at it from a strengths domain perspective, you’ll spot the influencers quickly shifting. In fact,  they may often be the instigators as energy and transformation go hand in hand. 

Change is all about energy for the world’s influencers, while our relationship builders connect heart-to-heart. Strategic thinkers may need to process by thinking, and those in the executing domain thrive on getting in action, doing whatever needs to be done.

Most salespeople tend to have a blend of all domains, and it’s not uncommon to have more influencing and relationship-building themes at the top of your profile. That is a good thing since you’re dealing with people, and change is what you navigate daily.

Taking things a step further

When you live in a reality that’s one phone call away from changing what your day will look like, it’s important to be able to shift and change quickly. 

Now, how quickly the change can take place can vary from industry to industry and your area of influence, but from an individual’s perspective, you’ll react instantly.

The change agents of the world thrive on actively looking for improvements, development, and, most importantly, transformation. Are you one of them? 

When you’re a catalyst, you’ll initiate change and influence people with the energy you bring. Your energy is your commodity, and while your charm often goes hand in hand, that’s not always the case.

Activating change

The CliftonStrengths® theme of Activator® is the talent theme described as the catalyst theme. Many other themes, or combinations of themes, can offer their version of that too without the energy/speed factor signified by the Activator® theme.

When you’re a change agent in the Gallup® realm of BP10™, you’ll in all likelihood have Disruptor™, Risk™, Determination™, Selling™, and/or Confidence™ in your Top 5.

Every day has room for last-minute shifts. When you’re a catalyst, you expect it, create it, easily pivot, and while people around you may not always be able to keep up with you, that’s OK.

Some will, some won’t, so what? Next!*

*I first heard this quote in 2000 at a Dental Boot Kamp with Walter Hailey and Steven J. Anderson and loved it!!!  Finding the originator of the exact quote has not been fruitful; either way, it’s now widely used in sales.

While brief, you can apply it to many different situations, all depending on your own inner mood, and if you’re an Activator®, it may be the mantra you use to navigate your day. 

From a “whatever, next!!! – their $*#( loss!!!” to “OK, no problem,” sometimes adding a counter twist in your presentation and “boom!” maybe even winning them over. 

The key is to be objective and not attached to the outcome. After all, when it comes to sales, change, or being a catalyst, you’ll find yourself presenting ideas that people around you may not be ready to hear. When you’re in tune with your audience, you’ll be able to pivot instantly and turn things around.

When you listen, ask questions and present something of interest that addresses the need, you may just have it in the bag!

Follow your instincts; sometimes, the best deal is to walk away and pivot.

What have you found works best for you?

How do you fascinate?

I really owned being The Catalyst after taking a bunch of assessments and getting the same result over and over in various ways, and literally so after taking the “How to Fascinate” assessment by Sally Hogshead.

So while many of you can have ideas and be great at executing, it’s the rocket speed into action that signifies the catalyst. It takes a lot of energy to get things started; then, as a catalyst, you’ll happily hand over the reins to someone more suited for ongoing management.

Catalysts love to start projects, fearlessly kicking it all off with a bang. You may be seen as impulsive from the outside, but not to you, though, as you know, you’ll add and edit the details needed along the way!

Are we there yet?

Symbolizes a catalyst in many ways. For you, the biggest risk is wasting time, waiting for wayyy too long, keeping your mouth shut, and having to jump through hoops. 

Make sure you’re in roles and in companies that are agile and appreciate what you bring. Work in companies or products with an entrepreneurial vibe that welcomes change and new ideas.

When you’re a catalyst, you also won’t have any problems cutting your losses. When you know something is complete, you simply move on, or like the Activator® famously does – leap. This can upset people that are slower to change, so keep that in mind. 

“The plane is leaving now” in the world of the catalyst, so sometimes it means leaving others in the dust.

Having said that though, you need to consider others if you’re on a team. When you’re on a team that gets you, it’s a world of difference, and rarely an issue to be your catalyst self.

Honor you, be considerate and inclusive, and ultimately stay true to you.

When you’re in a leadership role, loosen the reins on your catalysts, put them on tasks that require speed, and then have them partner with someone that can take over the maintenance once the rockets have been launched; a closer like the Achiever® maybe?

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