Being the visionary rebel that you are

by | Nov 28, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

When your roles, titles, and accolades have been stripped away, who are you, and what do you bring as a human being?

For some of you, it’s an inquiry that has been with you all your life nudging you to be looked at. Wondering why you’re here and what you’re here to create, in other words, what your mission, career path, and purpose are.

It’s easy to lose sight of who are you when you’re at your best when your performance is based on revenue and spreadsheets.

The soft values, who you are as a leader, and how you motivate your people are often not measured on paper yet it’s one thing that can make or break a company.

Great leaders inspire greatness in others which in turn increases engagement and affects the bottom, simply put, they want you to win.

You’re different

Let’s face it, you’ve always been different, a rebel, and while not an anarchist sometimes simply having a different point of view, vibe and approach make you stand out in inconvenient ways. 

When you stay in a business or industry where your perspective always feels or is different it’s easy to get burned out and jaded. It’s just not worth it after a while.

Attempting to enroll people into possibilities that are beyond the scope of awareness takes energy and a strong vision. When people listen to you the buy-in is easier and when it’s not it wears you down.


Being a visionary means that you’re carving a new path, vision, concept and it’s important that you don’t give up.

I often think of Sir Richard Branson who took a lot of heat in the early days and probably still does, but he’s now in a position of power and influence. It took a lot of guts to get there and he clearly followed his vision.

Accessing your inner gold

You can use your perspectives to your advantage by accessing and really embracing who you are. It requires some introspection and it can be a lot of fun.

When you accept yourself and own your inner gold and power life has a tendency to show up in unexpected and magical ways.

Sometimes that entails leaving the safety behind and opening yourself up to new career moves with more ease. Other times it’s simply about pivoting and shifting your mindset. 

Being the visionary rebel

When you are clear on who you are and what you bring the energy you exude becomes laser-sharp. Think of the beam of a lighthouse, all of a sudden people and businesses can find you with ease. 

Do you remember the movie Truman’s World?

While the story in the movie was different, what stood out to me was how it illustrates what happens when you’re in flow being yourself. How synchronicity crosses paths with your desires with ease.

It’s no longer becomes about you going out to find your next step, rather what you envision and focus on comes to you.

What action can you take to step more into your authentic power right now?

Are you being the visionary rebel leader you know you are?

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