An extra day of gratitude

by | Nov 25, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

An extra day of gratitude

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving in the US. Many of you will gather with friends and family for the big gobble day. To me, while I will do that, it’s a day to spend some extra time to count my blessings.

In this fast-paced life that many of us live in, despite current world events, taking time out to chill and just be, and acknowledge what’s actually great, has become a luxury.

I love being outside as much as I can and moving my body so having a dog certainly helps. I live by a marina taking daily walks to soak in the sun and ocean air is something I treasure. I have some special spots where I sit down and connect. Sometimes I journal, and often I will simply enjoy my surroundings.

Energy release

What are your favorite spots for some cave time where you can relax without any distractions?

I love working out, getting that heart rate up provides an energy release that walking doesn’t. It dissipates any stress that I’ve absorbed into my body throughout the day.

Working out, while fast-paced, is a form of meditation for me. I gain access to ideas, various action items that I forgot to act on, or didn’t think of while sitting/standing by my computer. Another plus is, of course, building muscle strength and staying healthy.


Many people have a daily gratitude practice to reflect on what they’re grateful for. Getting present to what IS working to shift your focus and pivot your mindset works even when life sucks.

My favorite way is to simply ask questions, tapping into the energy of what that creates. Listening to my favorite songs is another one.  I also journal daily which can range from purging to gratitude.

In periods, I’ve focused on 3 or more things that I’m grateful for which I recommend, and for some of us, it’s a mind thing, in other words – think or speak your thoughts out loud while recording it. Listen back and you’ll gain clarity.


Sometimes gratitude comes from places we don’t expect. When we’re in situations that are challenging with people that we don’t necessarily desire to have in our lives it’s an opportunity to choose something different.

Your old game, tricks, and tools simply don’t work anymore, what is YOUR inner being asking you to look at? No judgment!

So today, as you prepare for the big gobble day, how about taking some time out to ask yourself what you’re grateful for, looking at how you’ve expanded your capacities in different areas this year.

Maybe you’ve lost a loved one, that sure changes your perspective and priorities. Maybe you’ve experienced a year of major disruptions with your body or business.

What have you learned from the experience?

How did you show up?

Looking back would you’ve chosen differently or are you proud of yourself for doing and being the best you could at that time?

What insights are you left with at the end of the day and most importantly what’s really important to you, not because someone else said so but because this is YOUR truth?

Are you closer to the targets you set out for the year?

What are you grateful for and what are your priorities moving forward?

  • Your friends and family
  • Business, co-workers, employees
  • Your home
  • Your body
  • Health
  • [_____]

Wishing you a Happy and Chill Thanksgiving doing and being exactly who you desire to be!

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