What’s your number?

by | Nov 21, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

Not your phone number, rather, imagine what your business and life would look and feel like if you’re in the zone most of your day. What would shift and who would you be if you were at an 8 of 10 vs. a 3?

It’s so easy to end up in a job or industry that you hadn’t really planned for. You simply followed the flow and said yes to the opportunities that came your way.

Being where you didn’t expect to be is often where your biggest internal growth comes from.

Maybe the industry you choose provided you with opportunities that you wouldn’t have had in another. And maybe you learned about what you bring that few others do because you were different?

When you look at how much of your time is spent at work the TWO things that are crucial are that you get to spend your time in your zone of talent and that the environment is healthy.

There are many other factors like co-workers, resources, salaries + benefits, growth opportunities, and more that are equally important.

How much of your day is spent “in the zone” doing what you love?

Looking at how much time you spend in the zone both in business AND in your personal life can be very enlightening, especially when you’re NOT happy.

Behind every complaint that you have, whether expressed or not, there’s a need that hasn’t been met.

What do you need to feel fulfilled in your business AND life?

When you’re in the zone you’re in the flow and feel like you make a difference while contributing to building a business AND life.

Equally important is that you actually have a life off work that satisfies you. What that looks like is different for everyone.

Honor your needs

When you get cranky, frustrated, and it’s more than a temporary burst you need to look at why.

Are there parts of you that you never get to express at work? Are you in a role where you can’t win or impact in a way that satisfies you?

Challenges are one thing and being in an environment long-term that simply doesn’t work or nurture who you are is your cue to make a change.

As a leader, there’s always a boss unless you are one of the wealthy ones on this planet and even then I bet there are investors or people with opinions that may not always align with you.

What’s your number?

Start observing yourself when you’re “in the zone” and start a list where you pay attention to what really energizes you.

It can be 3 columns or more: 😍LOVE, 😬OK, 🥶DISLIKE/HATE.

  • Write down every activity and place it in the corresponding column of your experience.
  • Do it for a week or two and see what it is and include not only tasks but people. Who are the ones you feel inspired, uplifted, and energized by? Who are the ones that drain your energy?
  • Read through the list after tracking it for a minimum of a week, what are the highs and lows at work and in your life?
  • Sit with it and journal your insights, or record yourself talking about it. Why? It’s a simple action that makes a difference and gets the thoughts out of your head. For some of you hearing yourself talk, provides you with insights. For others writing it down is more effective, for a third do both!

What new insights did this exercise provide you?

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