Is it time to call a time-out?

by | Dec 5, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

Being the busy body that you are how often do you take a time-out for self-care? I’m talking about finding solitude, quieting your mind, on your own without distractions and that includes all electronic media…

When was the last time you turned off your phone and called a time-out on yourself?

You didn’t skip a beat during the pandemic, in fact, you probably increased your workload while other people stayed at home binging on Netflix.

You love being in action and thrive on having a never-ending to-do list of stuff to action.

Creating, building, and helping others are some of your core passions in life so sitting still and doing nothing is not YOUR normal.

Sitting still

Many of you avoid being on your own like the plague yet so much is gained from it.

Being available for others almost 24/7 is not healthy in the long run. You’ve got to include yourself in the equation.

While watching and listening to programs online or on TV that inspire, it is still, in my experience, a stimulus that doesn’t allow your brain to rest.

Connecting to your body

How do you connect to your body, being, and soul, without outside stimuli?

It’s so easy to let your business take over your life and forget that you have a body that has needs too.

When you don’t take care of your body and being, it’s like a flower that withers and dies, and you lose your mojo.

Moving your body in a way that is nurturing for you is one way, in what other way are you connecting with your body?

Many of us work our heads more than our bodies even when we work out.

What if all the gold you’re looking for is found in the areas below your neck?

A daily time-out

Taking a timeout to connect to your consciousness, your inner being, spirit, or soul if you will, is equally important.

Our consciousness is way bigger than our little body and it can provide you with insights beyond what your head can.

What if you added an appointment in your daily calendar for a 5-10 meeting with yourself?

Connecting to your breath

Taking 10 DEEP breaths or more while focusing on breathing in & out is a quick way to get present and snap out of the drama mode that often surrounds you.

Have you ever noticed how shallow your breath gets when you’re stressed out?

Many of us forget to breathe deeply and BE when we’re caught up in the doing and demands of business and life, and I’m including myself here.

So today, try to simply sit down somewhere without distractions, set a timer on your phone, and close your eyes for 5-10 minutes while breathing DEEPLY.

Allow all thoughts to go their merry way for now and return when you’re done if it’s something for YOU to take action on, and right now just focus on your breath.

You can count while breathing in & out, holding your breath either way if that helps. Experiment with what works for you.

When your 5-10 minutes are up, write down any ideas, thoughts, feelings, or emotions that you need to address.

Once it’s all been noted ask each item if it’s for you or someone else to act on. Delegate anything that is not for you or simply let it be.

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