Selling yourself powerfully

by | Dec 12, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

It’s easy to get on a roll playing a role or persona, in the long run, it doesn’t work very well as you end up feeling conflicted inside. Politics at its best, right? All you want is to be yourself but can they handle it?

You’re great at lifting other people up and shining a light on their achievements, who picks you up?

Energy, while sourced indefinitely internally, can generate even more momentum when you have people around you that can help you take quantum leaps.

When two or more are gathered, think about a great brainstorming session, it creates a spark, a new idea as a result of tapping into each other’s geniuses.

Or when a rocket takes off, it generates a lot of energy to get going, and then it shifts into a slower pace once in orbit.

Sparking ideas

When you’re in an environment like this, brainstorming, and contributing random ideas until that one idea gets sparked connecting to what you were looking for, you truly shine.

When you’re forced to hold back this part of you it can turn into a pressure cooker scenario where you hold back or start talking without paying attention to the people around you.

Being too much, in other people’s listening, is not a fun place to be in. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing your environment and role to create a shift AND most often your shifts are about internal ownership.

When you have something to prove the ego is often in charge. When you embrace who you are, and stop making excuses the ego often takes a backseat, and your energy shifts. You still need to be aware of your surroundings and allow others to contribute.

Selling yourself

Do you have the words and energy to sell yourself, in other words, are you in your power zone believing what you say?

Have you stopped to assess what really sparks joy for you? From daily tasks to the people in your life, neighborhoods, what do you spend your time doing?

Do you dress in a way that connects the essence of who you are or do you follow your peers?

There’s a power in expressing yourself and dressing in a way that is congruent with that. Where your inner light shines before you even open your mouth to speak. As a leader that’s powerful.

Imagine not having to convince people, what if simply being you in every way is all that is required?

Your talents and strengths

You are unique. You have experiences, skills, and talents that no one else has. You look at the world in your unique way and there are people looking for what only you can contribute, exactly how and who you are.

Assessments are by no means the only truth, it’s just one facet of all that you are. What it does is help you access your gold and power zone faster than simply trying to figure it out on your own.

The most powerful and impactful leaders are fearless, inspiring, and they care about their people. When you empower your people they will in turn empower you.

Simply invest in creating trust – stability – hope, and compassion with your people and you’ll not only increase the performance levels in your team(s) but you’ll create loyalty and a team of people that will sell YOU powerfully. Now that’s pretty rad and something money can’t buy.

What is your unique mix of talents that will allow you to shine and sell yourself powerfully?


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