What to do when sales suck: 3 actions

by | Dec 1, 2019 | Business, General, Strengths

Comparing yourself to others makes it easy to get stressed out or overwhelmed. When you’re in sales, it’s natural to see where you’re at, as your role is all about hitting or exceeding your number. Many thrive on that game; others don’t and are easily thrown off their targets. 

While looking back can motivate some, tapping into the now or future motivates others. This is where your strengths can be a great guide. 

When “competition” is a dominant theme, you can’t help but compare yourself to others, which motivates you to achieve more and better. When people challenge you by saying, “I don’t think you can do it,” you go into “watch me!” mode.  You may want to keep a running score on your actions, targets, and the people you’re comparing yourself to. 

For the dreamers, it’s important to stay connected to your vision; what you know is possible ongoingly. Much of that can be energy, images, a feeling, or a combo. Tune into this regularly, daily or weekly, meditate, dream, and contemplate in ways that work for you. Take deep breaths and expand throughout the day and then allow things to unfold in random ways. 

Others are inspired by the past. Looking at what made you successful in the past to identify what actions you took then vs. now. Use the insights to tweak your daily action list and add items you know have made a difference to your state of mind and successes in the past. 

When you lose your mojo, you often give up on parts of your success formula, which makes you special and unique. The “no time or no money” is one of the most common illusions to get hooked on. Who you are, has no price tag; you are unique no matter what happens around you, and honoring what that gold is that only you bring is one of the keys to getting your mojo back.

  1. Your dominant talents

Depending on your personality and strengths lineup, you will need to take the actions needed to energize your dominant talents (normally your top 10-14). When they are all engaged, you’re on fire. You get your unique success formula by looking at what exactly gets these talents firing.

  1. The ZONE

What activities get you in flow mode, in the zone where time seizes to exist? Start there and just write down a list of activities that get you going in an empowered way.

  1. Introspection

What if you compared yourself to where you were, let’s say, a year ago and acknowledged the achievements you’ve made since then in all areas of life? Look back to powerful moments when you felt on top of the world, professionally and personally. Even during growth years that aren’t flowing as we anticipate, there are still moments of “yeah, baby; I’ve got this.” 

What’s next? Pick the topic(s) above that you connect with and create a simple note on your phone to track insights and events that matter as they happen. Ask yourself what happened, how it made you feel, what worked/didn’t, who was there, and the insights and lessons learned. By connecting within into your own awareness, you access the best teacher of all – You.

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