What sounds energize you?

by | May 24, 2020 | Business, General

Sounds are so much part of our environment that it’s easy to ignore while we’re surrounded by them all the time. The past few months have reminded many of us what those sounds are. Being awoken by birds happily chirping more than ever has been a welcome reminder of how much nature impacts our well-being. 

In silence, I was reminded of Julian Treasure, who I found on Udemy several years back. All of them a very insightful and enlightening – check them out HERE. 

Julian talks about the importance of sound from a different perspective. He’s a sound and communications expert who helps people be present, listen, and then speak powerfully. He has designed soundscapes – think about that background music that creates an enhanced shopping experience. His content reminded me of insights I gained early in life from my years of playing an instrument. 

When you play in a band or an orchestra, you train your ears to listen to every person and their instrument. If one person is off, it can mess it up for everyone else. And if someone is off-key – yikes, it’s like fingers on a chalkboard for my sensitive ears… maybe for you too?

The one thing I’ve missed during this stay-at-home period has been being in nature, specifically going to the ocean and also parks. I’ve recorded nature sounds on my phone when inspired over the years, the ocean being my favorite and most relaxing sound. I’ll play the sound of waves crashing on a loop at night in periods and fall asleep imagining living by the ocean. So this was my reminder to start that again. 

Last week I went to the dog park for the first time in months, and that tiny exploration nurtured both my dog and me. The critters were out exploring; a gopher popped up in front of me to snack on grass and then back to safety. The birds were singing and playing. When you live in a city like LA, you don’t always pay attention to that unless you’re up early in the morning.  

Then there’s the sound of the big cities. NYC has a special place in my heart, even if LA is my first choice. I just love the vibe of that city and several others. From the slower pace of the magical morning when the city awakens to the midday with more intense energies with people and traffic moving and creating sounds and later in the evening as the day winds down. And yet close to all that is the grandeur of Central Park with lots of open space and silence. Every city has a vibe, and the ones we connect with tend to be where we stay.

Thinking of the ocean made me think of what it is about the ocean that I miss. The sound of the crashing waves, for one, the breeze of fresh air filled with negative ions that, creates calm and chill vibes. And of course the people. 

After spending more time indoors than most of us have in years, we all long to be out and about interacting with people. 

What sounds inspire and energize you?

What sounds can you simulate while at home? YouTube is such a goldmine for most things, sounds being another one.

The woods – forest sounds, the sound of water streaming down the creek, the trees and leaves blowing in the wind, birds, animals, and other critters moving  LINK to YT

The ocean – the salty air, the waves crashing, how it feels walking in the sand bare feet, laying in the sand and enjoying the sun, being out in a boat cruising, sailing, or going fast riding the waves.

The restaurant – listening to the sound of utensils clicking, the anticipation of receiving your food while taking in the aroma of yummy foods being prepared, the sound of people chatting and laughing.

The mall – simple things like walking in the mall and browsing for goods and services which we all took for granted have been replaced by online orders and limited people interactions.

The club – going dancing with friends, letting the music infuse every part of your body and being, having laughs, having drinks, meeting and interacting with people.

Your favorite coffee shop – the aroma of the coffee, tea, baked goods, music vibes, and people.

Concerts – whether it’s a small or big venue, the music and band of choice will evoke feelings and energize you; you get to connect with like-minded people and tap into the energy of the group.

Sports events – the anticipation of the win, cheering for your team in the ups and downs through the game.

The airport – from traffic noise to hauling luggage and going through security, sounds are around you, getting to your gate hearing announcements along the way, people talking, maybe some background music playing in different parts in the gate areas and restaurants

What sounds are you missing that you would add to your list?

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