Three reasons for you to stay or leave

by | Jul 5, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

We live in interesting times where the option to stay or leave may occur as limited AND while many businesses are hurting, many are thriving. As you ride out current events and continue to create where you’re at or are in a situation where you need to look for something new, you may want to consider this.


Invest in a workplace that helps you thrive

As you’ve seen in Gallup polls or in this blog post, studies show that if you have a best friend at work not only will you perform better but you’ll also be more engaged. The exception to this would, of course, be if you’re in an unhealthy workplace where people don’t matter.

No-one thrives in an unhealthy environment long-term, and if you’re a person with Relationship™ or Selling™ talents in your Top 4 BP10™ you need to be in a vibe that nurtures you. When people are important and you’re a natural promoter people matter. Find companies that appreciate who you are and what you bring.

It’s super important that you get along and spend your time in a healthy, fun, and vibrating organization.

Having a best friend gives you that extra “I have your back” kind of emotional support, doesn’t it? When you think about your past favorite jobs or workplaces, and where you currently are, I’m sure that you have been in work situations where you had buddies and also when you didn’t. Which environment worked best for you?


Is healthy competition healthy for you?

Some thrive on comparing themselves to other sales stats #competition. Others want to make a global impact that works as a driver #significance. Then we have the charmers and master networkers that #woo us all with huge networks. You also have #relators, who have deep networks of long-term friends.

Your strengths obviously influence your social and emotional needs. When you’re in sales it’s key to have people that have your back and someone to strategize with?

What is it like where you work, do you have someone you can brainstorm and be real with or are you surrounded by gossip central? Having a buddy that has your back can make the difference whether you stay or leave a company. With that in place, you can shift how you perceive a workplace.


Do you click with your co-workers?

No matter what your talents are, connecting with others is a need most of us have. Sitting alone on a mountaintop gets old, the quarantine we’ve all been in has provided us insight into that after all. Besides, most, if not all businesses, depend on more than one person.

Having a great team, from peers to managers, can almost ensure success. When you have a manager go to bat for you, you’ll do the same for them. And as far as building a strong team, we’ll there’s no I in it. Helping someone else be successful, will have you be even more successful, the gratitude from the people you help will come back a thousandfold.

I’ve been super grateful for the ability to connect with my co-workers, customers, and friends via Zoom during this time. And for having a team of great people around me. We spend way too much time at work to feel alone or isolated. Having friends at work is a win-win, having several makes it even better!


Do you stay or do you leave?

If you don’t have any of the above components currently then you may want to ask yourself why that is and what you would like to create instead. Your strengths provide you with great guidance on where your natural talents are.

With your talents, you can create a life that supports your well-being on every level, if skills and experience are missing ask yourself who you know that can help guide you to the next steps.

Remember, your Top 5 CliftonStrengths® ranking is so unique that only one in 33 million people match that. Your dominant talents tend to be your Top 10-14 so you can guess how unique that constellation is. Added to that are your skills, experiences, brain, upbringing, perspective, etc. from living the life you’ve lived to date.

That makes you unique and special. Use these natural talents to your advantage.

Life can be way easier and more fun than many of us have made it out to be.

Schedule a call if you’re ready to create a life that inspires you.

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