Turning Talents into Strengths

by | Jul 9, 2018 | Strengths

Today I’m super stoked to announce the launch of a new collaborative book, written with a dozen other Gallup-certified Strengths Coaches! Inside, we tell our stories of how our lives have been changed, and how coaching conversations have changed the lives of others.

Grab your Kindle copy of Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation right now for only $3.99.

Here’s an excerpt from my chapter: “When you read your Strengths Insight Report from the CliftonStrengths® Center you will get present to your greatest potential. Everyone I’ve coached or spoken with so far all say, “Yep, that’s so me,” after reading it. You’ll also discover the gaps of what could be keeping you from reaching it.  A Strengths coach can stand in the gap and act as a bridge for you. It’s so much faster to have a coach guide you in the process of stepping into your greatness and owning it fully. Walking people through this process and seeing the confidence, engagement and gratitude for who they are is amazing to witness, and the epiphany of why people don’t always “get” us. It’s a process, to embrace your greatness.

I’ve found that you can shift someone’s life and experience of themselves quickly. With a working knowledge of the Strengths tools, you can move forward in anything that you do! Of course, to sustain change, you need to use the tools and be in action.” —Pia Jansson

CLICK HERE to get your Kindle copy!

A big thank you goes out to our compiler and editor extraordinaire Mrs. Rhonda Knight Boyle.

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