Authentic Sales: Selling Yourself Naturally

by | May 23, 2023 | Business, General, Strengths

Authenticity vs. Manipulation

Being in sales isn’t limited to a job title; it permeates your life in countless ways. Whether making new friends, building professional relationships, or pursuing your goals, you constantly engage in sales conversations. The true essence of sales is often misunderstood and incorrectly associated with manipulation and hidden agendas. In reality, selling from the heart means being genuine, naturally drawing others to you without the need to prove yourself.

When you present yourself authentically, sales conversations flow effortlessly, and you feel confident. There are no ulterior motives or manipulative tactics at play. Manipulation is not exclusive to sales; you’ll find it in marketing, negotiations, polling for promotions, or asking someone for a favor. The crucial distinction lies in remaining true to yourself instead of adopting a façade.

Connections that sell

Being yourself when interacting with others creates genuine connections that attract people to you. True salesmanship goes beyond mere words; it encompasses your actions, appearance, and overall presence. Your authenticity radiates through your behavior, including how you dress and present yourself.

Expressing your unique personality through your attire makes a lasting impression and attracts like-minded individuals. Remember, conformity is not a prerequisite for professional settings. Embrace your style to create an impactful and memorable presence.

Here’s an example: Going to tradeshows in the dental field, where I spent many years, often meant primarily seeing men wearing black suits and neutral attire while the dress code was business casual, with the odd person selecting bold or different colors. One of the dentists I’ll never forget would always stir the crowd by wearing colorful attire from head to toe. He attracted people by his mere presence, and you got an impression of what he stood for without talking to him.

He exemplifies a strong brand that helps you stand out from the crowd and do business with those attracted to interacting with you. There are plenty of prospects to do business with; focus on the ones you connect with. Isn’t that more fun?

What are your rock star colors?

Authentic sales extend beyond outward appearances; it delves into understanding and leveraging your personality. Your brand encompasses your strengths, values, unique qualities, likes, and dislikes as a person, mixed with your skills, profession, and experience. By incorporating these aspects into your interactions, you become more effective in selling yourself.

Collaborating with professionals specializing in branding, clothing, style, and design can help you discover colors that amplify your inner light and energy.

Observe the individuals you naturally gravitate towards and consider the traits that attract you to them. Imagine the power of aligning that magnetism with your dress and overall style. In other words, when what you wear matches your personality, it strengthens your brand.

Include your strengths

Infusing personal branding elements into your image and aligning your strengths with your appearance will strengthen the overall impact you can have when interacting with people. Explore the outfits and colors that make you feel like a rock star, regardless of the setting.

Understanding the colors and styles that complement you and that you feel comfortable in enables others to connect with you effortlessly, accelerating relationship-building and simplifying business interactions. Combine these insights with the guidance of experts in color and branding to create a unique personal brand that beautifully reflects your true self.


In conclusion, genuine sales is a mindset that transcends job titles, permeating all aspects of your life. It revolves around forging authentic connections by embracing your true self through words, actions, and appearance. As you express your genuine personality and leverage your personal brand, you naturally stand out, attracting like-minded individuals and cultivating meaningful connections.

Authentic sales aren’t about manipulation or hidden agendas; it’s about fostering sincere relationships that benefit everyone involved. So, the next time you think of sales, remember that you possess the power to unlock success by simply being your magical self and leaving a lasting impression on how you make others feel and experience the interaction.

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