How are you communicating?

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Access

Have you ever stopped long enough to look at how you communicate and how it is received on the other end? The words you speak AND the energy which you deliver your communication? Do you ask the people you are in dialogue with questions? Are you interested in hearing what the other person has to say or their POVs, or is your focus to simply communicate your POV? Do you speak your mind, whether it’s about you or your point of view of others? Is it creating more?

Over the years, as I learned to ask open-ended questions or simply be silent and listen, it became clearer than ever how much time we spend communicating our POVs and conclusions. You may say, aren’t conclusions great? and I say, “What does a conclusion create or generate?” Does a conclusion occur as something expansive that you can continue exploring, or is it THE answer/truth locking it in place?

Have you ever looked at it later to see if it’s still true for you? Where did that truth come from? Was it a story that was repeated to you over and over as a child? Did that story turn into a POV and later a belief? Are you the same person now as you were then? Would you like to change the story?

When I started asking true questions and tapping into the energy of what was true for me, I realized how easily I jumped to conclusions. I also began to distinguish that even more often, it was actually my inner knowing, an awareness.

As I unhooked from what appeared to be happening on the surface and tuned into the energy in a neutral mode, I started seeing the humor of the situation. When you start playing outside the box and look at the big picture, things do not always occur the same.

How much of the drama or lack thereof in communication is simply to create contrast and growth as beings? And in the end, what does it all create?

Have you ever tapped into the space of your inner being where you are fully present and at peace, whether people are around you or not? The “in the zone” moments that sports activities offer can be experienced in many situations.

What I love about communicating with others who participate in the game of asking open-ended questions and tapping into the energy and each individual’s awareness is how easy life becomes. That is welcomed for someone like me who prioritizes fun, play, and ease. Add laughter, and I’m a happy camper.

What if you can shift your life by simply asking questions that focus on possibilities? Like “what can I be grateful for today?”

How much of your daily life is focused, surrounded, or consumed by drama when laughter could create a different reality? It’s just a choice (the TV has an off button).

As my best friend and I started exploring communication through open-ended questions, we started tapping into new realms and having incredible conversations on all kinds of topics with inquiries that were so expansive and ENERGIZING. Our friendship is stronger than ever due to this, whether our POVs align or not, which to me, is very powerful.

What if you could talk to anyone without getting triggered? Hear what they had to say without a POV? Would you be able to listen without adding your POV? Would that be a contribution to you and the people in your life? What could be created in your reality if you didn’t get triggered, especially where people expect you to? Would you be interested in trying it for a day?

What if you spent an entire day simply saying to yourself (in your head), “interesting point of view, I have this point of view” to every thought, feeling/emotion that comes up with anyone you see, observe, talk to or interact with for an entire day?

You can tweak it to “Interesting point of view he/she/they have this point of view” too, where applicable, and repeat as often as required to stay neutral:). 

To listen to someone without a POV and be neutral is pretty powerful from my POV, which is my interesting POV! What is yours?

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