Defining your version of success

by | Aug 25, 2019 | Strengths

Have you ever considered why success is important to you and how you’d define it?

Some people are the same 24/7; others display distinctly different personalities or focus at work with co-workers and clients vs. at home with families and friends.

In sales, life and business tend to get blended, so it’s extra important that you stay true to who you truly are to create the success you desire long-term.

What that success will look like is a topic worth musing about, especially what happens after you have created that. In other words, what will the success you desire to create for you?

Is it Freedom? Happiness? Power?… What will you create with your success? 

Let’s say you’re making $1M+/year; what would your day look like? Where would you live? What would you be wearing, driving? Who would be there with you? What would you want to do once you have all the stuff that you’ve wanted? What would you like to experience next? Who or what would you invest your time and money in?

Take some time to ponder this, and if you have your CliftonStrengths® All 34 Report, you’ll be able to identify some underlying needs that drive you.

Create a list of priorities related to your needs and summarize it with a simple statement. It could be something like, “My success statement: Making $1 million or more a year will provide me the freedom to create whatever I desire on my timeline and connect more people to the same just for fun”. Your turn:

Your definition of success

When you have achieved this success, you will be able to: 



After you’ve purchased all the stuff and still have loads of money left, what would you do? ___________________________________________________________________________



Your success statement is:

Making $________ will ________ me ________ and ________ to ________.

Paste your statement

Into your calendar and set daily reminders to keep yourself present as to why success is important to you. You can also post notes in your car or select places at home

Ask a question

You can add questions like, What action can you take “today” to make this happen and contribute whatever follows your success statement above NOW? = 

What action can I take today to havethe freedom to create whatever I desire on my timeline and connect more people to the same just for fun.”

This can spur ideas on how you can further incorporate ideas/action into your daily business and life with more intention if you haven’t already. 

In a creative mood?

Add an image or create a collage that illustrates what success looks like for you. 

Try it, and let me know how it goes! 

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