How do you know what your sales talents are?

by | Aug 18, 2019 | Strengths

First of all, if you’re drawn to sales, there’s something that intrigues you about selling enough to try it out. Maybe you just ended up in sales on a fluke. Whatever the reason you’re in a sales role, it could be that you get to connect with people, whether it’s deep or simply the thrill of winning them over at the moment and helping them fix a problem.

What being in sales looks like can vary between different businesses. Being in retail vs. wholesale, short-term vs. long-term sales, and selling a tech product vs. building equipment or dental implants all require a different set of talents.

When you fail in sales, it could be as simple as selling a product you don’t believe in, being in a business that you don’t really connect with, or having a personality that could be better served=appreciated in a different business area.

Take the BP10™

The BP10™ is another cool assessment that Gallup® offers as it measures your level of entrepreneurship, aka builder talent. In this assessment, you are measured against the top builders in the world who have all 10 builder talents high, think Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sir Richard Branson, and Oprah.

Why does this matter? Knowing your entrepreneurial talents will add a layer to your CliftonStrengths® profile as it identifies how you can be successful in business.

There are 10 builder talents:

1. Confidence

You have a strong belief in your business and that you have what it takes to be successful in business. You know yourself, are action-oriented, and can influence others.

2. Delegator

You delegate easily and know that more gets done by not doing it yourself. You recognize other people’s talents and draw on their abilities.

3. Determination

You’re quick to make decisions and act. You don’t give up, have a high work ethic, and face conflict fearlessly. You have persistence and grit to recover from setbacks and keep ongoing.

 4. Disruptor

You’re curious and a quick learner filled with ideas and initiatives. You’re constantly thinking of new ways to propel your business forward by introducing new products, services, and/or technology.

5. Independence

You take an idea from start to finish and have the ability to build and operate a company on your own. You’re a jack of all trades with a high level of competence, responsibility, and multi-tasking abilities.

6. Knowledge

You have a strong desire to know everything you can about all aspects of your business and anticipate needs. You will constantly search for new information and add new experiences to navigate your business.

7. Profitability

You have sharp business instincts, and making money with a profit-focus focus is your main objective. You’ll run a tight ship by establishing clear targets, objective measurables of the progress, and growth strategies.

8. Relationship

You have a high social awareness and build mutually beneficial relationships with people that will benefit your business and often beyond. You’re open, with a positive attitude and personal integrity that helps build trust.

9. Risk

You instinctively know how to manage high-risk situations. With your strong personality, charisma, and confidence, you enthusiastically take on challenges with a rational approach to decision-making.

10. Selling

You’re the influencer and evangelist of your business. The person who represents the face and voice of your business, spreading the word boldly as often as you can with a clear growth strategy.

Take the BP10™ assessment HERE and then comment below what your Top 4 BP10™ Talents are and how you see them used in business.

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