It’s the holidays – time to celebrate!?

by | Dec 15, 2019 | General

It’s the time of year when many lose their minds, quite literally, between closing as many deals as they can before the year ends to preparing for celebrations with friends and/or family, maybe with travels across the country or world.

For others, it’s a time of solitude to check out from the hustle and bustle. Whatever your holiday looks like, I hope it’s a great one, no matter what it looks like. See, there’s no right or wrong way of spending the holidays, so we get to create our own Hallmark version. Yes, your family or friends may or may not agree with how you spend your time, but at the end of the day, it is your life and your choice, so make it a good one.

I love to spend the holidays without an agenda, connecting with friends with ample time to relax and allow each day to unfold and inspire different actions. It’s a great time to recharge briefly before business gets started at full speed all over again.

Next year feels magical; 2020, I wonder what awesome creations it will bring.

In the spirit of the holiday, I’m keeping this blog short and have 5 tips to keep your holiday season merry.

Ask open-ended questions

Not to question or to get an answer but rather to clear the energy and get insights on what’s sticking you at the moment. Have you noticed how many projections and expectations there are flying around during the holidays? From Access Consciousness®, I learned to ask questions like, “How does it get any better” or “What else is possible?”. They work whether you feel great or shitty. Try it.

Strengths fix

Look at your strengths; which one needs some attention right now? Pick one or two of them and ask yourself what’s required to nurture these talents right now. Is it an action? Is it to connect with someone? Is it to have some me-time away from everyone? Or do you need to be around people and spread cheer?

Take a timeout

Take a timeout to breathe, meditate in whatever way works for you, and listen to something that lifts you up. A few minutes is all it takes at times. Maybe set your timer for hourly reminders??

Take a gratitude break

Take a gratitude break, think of, maybe even write down, 10 things you’re grateful for right now. Go.

I’ll be back in January. Until then, have a happy holiday in whatever way you wish to spend your time. Thank you for reading my blogs. I’d love to hear from you on topics for 2020.

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