Discovering Your True North: The Delicate Dance of Values and Success

by | Aug 7, 2023 | Business, General, Strengths

Success in today’s world, aka the grand theater of life, often dances to the tune of wealth and status. Yet, there’s an inner voice that sings of more profound values, of richer treasures. That song speaks of purpose, relationships, growth, and giving. 

It tells us that the truest success might not always gleam in gold or echo in applause. So, let’s explore where you harmonize the external symphony of societal success with the melodic whispers of your inner values.

Understanding the Dual Dimensions of Values and Success

Values are the soul’s compass. It’s the essence of what you hold dear beyond material treasures – the warmth of a genuine connection, the joy of personal evolution, the glow of spiritual quests, or the satisfaction of societal contribution.

Success, often perceived with a glittering sheen, is primarily framed by societal milestones – wealth, influence, and acclaim. And while these definitely can bring exhilaration, they aren’t always the secret ingredients to lasting contentment.

The Silent Struggle Within

Have you ever felt torn between chasing a lucrative career and following a passion with uncertain financial outcomes or guilty when taking much-needed ‘me-time’ off during hectic schedules? That’s the subtle tug-of-war of values and success. Yielding to societal pressures sometimes means sidelining what truly resonates with your spirit and putting yourself second or last.

Crafting Your Path Amidst The Tug-of-War

Finding your equilibrium calls for introspection and clarity. Prioritize what sings to your soul, which means embracing choices that don’t always align with society’s golden checklist. Cultivate self-kindness, recognizing it’s okay to chart a course different from the mainstream, even if it entails some stumbling along the way.

Partnering with experts like a Gallup-certified strengths coach can light your way. By celebrating your unique strengths, you’re not only aiming for external success but nurturing a deeper, more profound, intrinsic fulfillment.

The Mighty Shadows of Societal Norms

Our notions of success don’t evolve in isolation and are often influenced by family, educators, peers, and the media, painting a sometimes-limiting picture of success. For instance, women might grapple with societal impressions linking their value to their looks or caregiving. Men may wrestle with traditional roles and definitions of masculinity.

Shattering the Illusions

Start by recognizing and challenging ingrained beliefs. Replace thoughts like “I’ll never measure up” with empowering affirmations like “I am in the driver’s seat of my destiny” or “I’m a rock star!”

Surround yourself with uplifting people who align with or respect your values. And lean into the wisdom of experts, like Gallup-certified strengths coaches, who can help you channel your strengths to reshape your success narrative.

Your Unique Strengths: A Guide to Authentic Success

A Gallup-certified strengths coach is your compass towards a life where success isn’t just about achieving but thriving. Here, strengths aren’t just innate talents but pathways to joy. Studies reveal that people who harness their strengths daily are more likely to enjoy a fulfilling life and work journey.

The Power Within: Intrinsic Motivation

Success, in its most enriching form, is an inside job; what that looks like depends on each individual’s strengths and beliefs and often the joy of the journey rather than the accolades at the destination. It’s in the goals that echo your heart’s desires and the reflective pauses where you reconnect with your inner compass.

Final Notes on a Symphony of Success

Blending values and success isn’t a linear journey but a lyrical dance. It’s about harmonizing the loud beats of societal expectations with the soft, persistent rhythms of your inner values. With tools like self-reflection, aligning your targets with your talents and strengths, and guidance from one or several strengths coaches, you’ll compose your masterpiece – a life rich in values and radiant in authentic success. 🌟


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