The paradox of true commitment: Embracing change and staying the course

by | Feb 15, 2023 | Business, General, Strengths

The paradox of true commitment - audio

by Pia Jansson

I listened to Grant Cardone earlier this week, and what he said about commitment evoked some insights into how paradoxical it can be. He mentioned the importance of having reminders that deepen the commitment and focus, from impressing yourself in how you dress to wearing items like a pin or hat with a logo or symbol to remind you to stay focused and on target to your bigger game, with a commitment to being great, not average. The difference is sometimes only the focus and time invested in honing your craft. We’re all in sales inviting others to say yes or no, to us, our products, or our services.

Why commitment is important

Commitment is the backbone of all outstanding accomplishments, the driving force behind every dream, and the seed that blooms into success. It keeps you moving forward, no matter what challenges you face. Despite its apparent benefits, commitment can be paradoxical, leaving many of us uncertain about how to embrace it powerfully.

One of the biggest challenges to staying committed for many is known as the “shiny object syndrome.” It’s when you’re easily distracted by new and exciting opportunities, shifting your focus from your original goals and commitments. This results in no progress, frustration, and a lack of fulfillment. Make it part of your plan, and set aside 1 hr a week to explore if needed; in time, you may find that it’s no longer a priority.

The power of commitment lies in adjusting and adapting as reality changes while staying true to your vision. Life is fluid and dynamic, so while responsibilities or the result may be specific, allow room to make adjustments along the way. You can only tap into the limitless potential of committing to your targets and closing the exit door.

Think of it like a journey. When you set out on a journey, you have a destination in mind, but you also know that the road ahead may have unexpected twists and turns. The same is true in life. You start with a vision, a dream, and a goal, but new challenges and opportunities may arise as you move forward. The key is to keep these changes from steering you off course and adjust and adapt your commitment to stay true to your vision.

Actions to take or align with

So, it all starts with having a clear and inspiring vision that is so compelling it drives you forward, even when the road ahead is uncertain. Having a clear and vivid image of what you want to achieve makes it more accessible, and sometimes all you have is a feeling, an energy of what you seek; in that case, you can create a collage of images that represent that energy that helps you tune into your vision daily and take inspired action towards it. Include a representation of your natural talents and strengths, in other words, how you’re going to feel and be, in your vision and collage.

Once you have a clear vision, the next step is to commit to it fully if you haven’t already, dedicating yourself to the journey and creating strategies that align with your strengths. When you’re in your power zone, it won’t matter how long it takes or what challenges you may face; you’ll stay committed and true to yourself. It means making a conscious choice to keep moving forward, even when you feel like giving up. And it means being resilient in the face of setbacks, knowing you will emerge stronger and more determined.

Embrace the challenges you encounter as opportunities to grow and refine your commitment.


Stay focused on your vision and resist the temptation to chase after every new and exciting opportunity or shiny toy that comes your way. Remember, success is not about taking on as many projects as possible but staying committed to your vision and seeing it through to the end.

For example, if you’re building a business, you may encounter unexpected competition, changes in the market, or shifting customer preferences. But instead of letting these challenges defeat you, tune into your vision to see if you need to adjust your products or services and then move on. When you have a big dream and bring something new to the marketplace, there will be reactions; stay the course. People, aka external sources, will have opinions as your products or services become known, and the more they talk, the more free PR for you.

Then life events require you to adjust your commitments without giving up on your dreams. Sometimes magic happens when we take a break; sometimes, taking it slower, temporarily, is required. Whatever the situation, staying committed to your vision is key even when detours and breaks happen. Tune within; while an ongoing commitment may be essential, so are you, your body, your well-being, and those close to you.

Remember to bring your talents and strengths into the equation. Honing your natural talents is one aspect to stand out, so add them to your strategies. Who you are is unique and someone that competition cannot impersonate; use it to your advantage. So, create your business and your targets with that in mind. Include your talents and strengths into your vision, and you’ll find that you’ll have more of a smooth journey than you would if you didn’t.

In conclusion, the commitment paradox and the shiny object syndrome challenges make the end of the journey powerful. Unlocking your full potential while staying committed to your vision while adjusting and adapting along the way, weathering the storms, overcoming obstacles, and achieving your desired success. Whether it’s in business, life, or any other aspect of your journey, the power of commitment is undeniable. So, embrace it, stay true to your vision, add in your talents and strengths, and watch as your dreams blossom into reality.

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