Three drivers of success

by | Feb 9, 2020 | Strengths

What creates your success as a salesperson? What are the areas that you can impact? Feeling great and having your mojo definitely helps, doesn’t it? You know what it’s like when you don’t have your mojo; you’re all up in your head and not producing as expected, no matter what you do.

Different industries have different needs, of course, yet your clients’ experience of the sales process is what makes them buy again or not. Other important factors are deliverables like quality and performance of the product or service.

I’ve spent 30 years in a heavily researched business area where science and knowledge about the product matters. Caring about people and having a charming personality get you in the door. Knowing what you sell, the benefits, and your level of support—caring about your clients, creates success. Who you’re being and how you make people feel determines how long that relationship lasts.

Passion & purpose

Do you feel passionate about what you’re selling?

Some would say it doesn’t matter. In my experience, your level of passion impacts the sales cycle. For quick sales, maybe it doesn’t matter, but relationships are important when it comes to long-term sales cycles, and a passion for what you’re selling is definitely a must to create success.

Think about it — who would you rather buy from, a jaded person with attitude or a passionate and happy person that is willing to learn and serve? 

Sometimes we end up in businesses we never thought we’d be in; I’m definitely in that category. My creation didn’t end up as I expected yet. In my various roles, I’ve grown, impacted, and learned a lot, operating in my strengths zone the majority of the time.

The products I’ve represented have aligned with values that are important to me from an authentic, ethical, and quality standpoint.  I’ve represented quality products that make a difference in people’s lives which aligns with my purpose.

We spend so much time at work that the people we work with and surround ourselves with matter. Having a team of great people that have your back is key to success.

When passionate people turn into sour grapes, it’s important to nip it in the bud and have a conversation — and if that doesn’t help, remove them as quickly as possible. The impact of gossiping and complaining does no good for anyone involved. In this internet era, it’s important to think before acting [out] on so many levels.


Are your values aligning with your company’s?

It’s easy to overlook unless you have wise guidance. Again, depending on your values, what that looks like will vary. I tend to work with passionate people that care about people and what they sell.

When you’re compromising your core values, you can easily lose your mojo or subconsciously sabotage yourself, and with that, sell less. Sometimes it looks like you’re doing everything you possibly can, but you just can’t seem to close the deal. Why is that? Are you targeting people that simply can’t hear your message, or are you disconnected from your message?

What would your ideal day look like if you sold a product that you felt really passionate about? And if you already feel passionate about your products, what is it about them that strikes a cord within you?

Are you having fun, and are you able to contribute to your clients daily?

From my experience, connecting with other people and making a difference is what makes my day. It doesn’t always create success in dollars, but it does create ongoing inner well-being. It also allows me to continually operate in my strengths zone, which energizes me.

Focus—what’s the path you’re carving?

You’ve probably heard that being a leader means carving a new path that has never been walked before. I think passion is often one of the ingredients to that, a driver, if you will, that has us get into action. You could call it purpose, being connected to who you truly are, being in your strengths zone, or having ideas that you simply can’t ignore; either way, the passion for it ignites it all. Your continual focus is what feeds that flame and creates the success you desire.

When you’re in sales, you often like living on the edge, having the freedom to create your day and serve your customers as you see fit. You like people, the game and at the end of the day, have a desire to make a difference on some level.

You need focus and consistency to create a path that leaves a mark. Even those of you who love change and variety still need a big-picture focus on where you’re going. Knowing where you’re heading makes it easy to prioritize the different invitations, aka to-do’s, and emails that come your way every day.

When you’re clear on what you’re creating beyond hitting your targets, you can anticipate how you will feel when you do hit your targets and know why it’s important to your success.

The grind occurs differently when you know where you’re heading and why. It makes it easier to target prospects to invite into your pipeline when you’re clear on what’s important to you and what your products and services offer. They either line up with your mission or not.

Who do you want to invite into your path?

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