Finding prospects—the million dollar question?

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

Do you find it easy to find prospects to convert into customers? And do they align with who you are? Or do you find yourself spending time with assholes?

You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff to do, so how do you find new customers when you’re so busy?

You’re aimless….no purpose… Are you dashing around having too many to-do’s and never really having time to stop, breathe and chill without stressing out?

First, connect with your zone of genius. Meaning do whatever activity energizes you first and then get into action.

With us all being so connected to our phones and gadgets, it’s easy to lose yourself in other people’s realities. The web is a network of technology and energy, after all — so being focused on what you’re looking for before cruising the net helps you avoid too many distractions and rabbit holes! You can quickly find what you seek with a clear mind and focus.

Here are 6 ways to consider:

Google Maps

Instead of randomly knocking on doors, why not use Google maps? Via Google maps, you can search for your client group in a select area and have all businesses mapped out from your home and back, making cold calling easier and more efficient.


Go on LinkedIn, and search for people in the profession you sell to. Using the free version, you can drill down to the city, state, and ZIP code. There are also paid options that make more advanced features available.


Good old-fashioned networking. Where are the people hanging that you’re looking for? What mutual interest would be fun to share? Creating a network outside of your industry could create the leads you desire, so check out meetups online and in person.

We all know people in different industries, and a personal recommendation will often carry more weight than a cold call. Who would be fun to connect with?

At the end of the day, it always starts and ends with you. How you’re feeling and what you’re doing to nurture you. Follow your instincts, step out of your comfort zone and engage with people in a way that comes naturally to you.

Most of my “Woo” personalities need to interact with people daily. They often have large networks and can often be found at coffee shops or simply next to you in line chatting with people. The same goes for most of the influencing and relationship-building domains, as people will energize them. Connect with them, and see how you can help each other.


You know the saying “ask and it’s given” —do you ask your existing clients for referrals? Your friends? Who do they know that’s looking for what you’re selling? Ask them for an introduction via email, or have them call them to alert them that you’ll be reaching out.


What communities do you engage in outside work—where do you spend your money? When you’re doing what you love to do, you’re in your zone, engaged, and feeling great.

I’ve often found that I have more areas in common with the people I end up talking with at the gym or in courses I’ve attended over the years.

Who in your existing network could help? Where do they hang out? Church? Golf course? Soccer game? Pool hall? Yoga? Gym?

Your strengths

Look at your strengths for clues! Start with the activities that light you up and energize you. When your unique [dominant] talent lineup is lit up, you’ll easily attract people who “want what you have”.

Communicate with people online or offline when you’re feeling great. Share what you do and ask if they know someone that could use your services. Worst case, they say no; best case, you leave with a couple of new leads.

What other ways do you use to build your business? Do share. I’d love to know.

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