What narrative are you buying?

by | Jul 1, 2018 | General

I listened to a podcast the other week that reminded me of the concept of narratives, aka “what are you focusing on?” In this case, the topic was around news and how many choose the negativity that much of the news today is focusing on.

The choice to focus on the tragedies and what’s “wrong & bad” in our communities instead of all the great things that are created every day is something that has always bugged me and one reason I avoid diving any deeper than the occasional headline. It’s not about putting the head in the sand. It’s simply a choice to create a narrative that empowers me. We all have 24 hrs and how we choose to spend them creates an energy and experience that affects not only us but the people around us and, ultimately, who we attract into our reality. Do you focus on creating a life & business that inspires you or on conditions that leave you feeling disempowered?

The guest on this particular podcast, Branden Harvey, started The goodnewspaper (bravo!) to counter all the negative news he saw that conflicted with his experiences while traveling around the world. We all have different passions and interests, and within each topic, there are many narratives created; which one are you choosing? I know for me, I’d rather help one person step into their best selves that is ready for it than focus on someone who is not open to listening or change.

When you create a new business, sales region, or simply circles of friends or co-workers that you hang with, do they inspire you to be your best? What if that is how we can create change in this world? One person at the time, being our best and then spreading that knowledge/energy to the people we interact with? For some of us, it’ll literally be one person at a time; for others, it will be a team or a stadium filled with people.

A smile goes a long way, and when we are working in environments that feed us, that smile comes easy, and people tend to produce a lot more when having fun. I’ve experienced both sides a multitude of times, and it’s an interesting dynamic to be in. I’ve found over the years that what energizes me is to contribute to people that are looking for help. When I’m around people that are only focusing on the numbers, stats, or results without looking at what’s going on with the person, they’re kind of missing the boat.

It starts with us, as individuals, leaders, business owners, or employees, and the daily choices we make. In business, we all have a “boss,” whether it’s a client, board, investors, or management team, to consider. For a fast change, the leadership ideally understands the need to develop and support their employees in empowering ways, starting with each individual at the top. We all know that that doesn’t always happen, so another option could be a team initiating that change, and with positive change, people tend to listen and maybe “want what they have” and spread demand for change by leading by example.

And then there are the companies that choose to do nothing and often end up as statistics. What happens to people who work hard when they lose hope for change? Do they stay, or do they leave? How does that impact the company?

In my experience, there’s a mix; some see the writing on the wall and leave quickly; others ride it out as they don’t see another option and are the last to leave. Change happens around us all the time, and with that, it impacts most businesses.

When you don’t listen to your people as a leader, you’re signaling that you don’t care while wondering why performance levels aren’t where you would like them to be. What actions can you take to shift the vibe? Who do you want to be known as? What would be fun and empowering for you?

In this era of public bullying, we all have a choice in the narratives we listen to and partake in. Are you spreading joy, more negativity, or creating another scenario? For all the “bad” things happening, what if there are more “good” created every day by dedicated people that care? Why not tune into those stories? If the masses stopped supporting the “negative” news and supported “good news” channels, would that, by any chance, shift things? And either way, what if you focused on what made you feel great? What narrative are you creating?

What action can you take today that could brighten someone else’s reality? (never underestimate the power of a smile or hello!). What do you think about the news? Do you listen to it? Does it empower you?

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