Are you riding high or in crash & burn mode?

by | Oct 17, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

When you’re in burn mode there are often red flags that you didn’t listen to or acted on. Let’s face it when there’s a lot to get done you do what you’ve gotta do to get it done yet at what cost?

It’s so easy to get hooked into the energy of push yet how much more do you get done when you’re in your zone? And in addition to that, how do you feel in either situation?

We all have unique talents, needs, and visions of what a great leader and company is, and when you look at what makes a company grow and thrive, it can be traced back to the vibe and leadership of the company.

Leadership is crucial

And that includes your boss too. No matter what level you’re at unless you’re the owner, there are shareholders, owners, or a board to be accountable to.

You know that and you care not only about the business but also the people and that’s what makes you loved and appreciated.

What many miss is that the role of a leader is to inspire their people without judgment. When you can create a safe environment that is fun to work in half the battle is done.

When your people know and feel appreciated and are placed in roles where they can win = where their natural talents, skills, passions can be utilized you’ll find performance increasing, a great workplace vibe of happy people.

Happy people do more.

When there’s ongoing pressure in an organization with little appreciation, some crash & burn, and others leave. The impact of that can destroy the vibe in an organization.

Why not create an organization where people thrive, it’s a win-win for everyone involved after all.

When you inspire hope, appreciate, and connect with your people as a leader they will move mountains for you, and you’ll get a loyalty that money can’t buy.

Trust is key

Without trust, there can be no growth.

Where there is chaos trust can easily be lost unless you communicate your vision and assert your staff/customers what the chaos is about i.e. “we are creating XYZ so that we can deliver a better experience for you” – coupled with “we appreciate you and don’t take your trust, commitment, business for granted.”

In unhealthy environments trust is often one of the first things to go due to a lack of communication. I’ve been through mergers and acquisitions several times in my career and coached even more through it. 

Chaos creates insecurity on so many levels. You don’t want your people to get worried unless they aren’t performing. And even there, at times, it’s a matter of a person being in a role that truly isn’t a fit. Sometimes all it takes is an internal shift into another function to remedy that. Retaining people that fit into a company vibe is important from a trust perspective and likewise removing people that are not a fit to signal change. 

Invest in the people that perform

Who are the people that deliver ongoingly, that you can count on? It’s not all about sales. There are many functions in a company that are crucial, are you setting them up to win? 

Do you talk to your staff ongoingly and create a safe space for conversations? And do you have the same support from the people you report to?

Rewarding and acknowledging all people on the team is important. If they don’t feel like they matter performance can’t be expected.

You know that it takes a team to get a product out the door – does the person you report to?

It always starts at the top

When you’re in an organization that cares about its people you’ll have the support you need to lead. When you feel great, you inspire and motivate your team and they’ll reciprocate by performing better.

Selling your board or ownership can be a tough process and that’s where you get clear if the company is a fit for you, or not. What has your experience been?

Leader or not, you’re human with needs. Do you know what yours are and what you bring? Do you invest in yourself ongoingly?

What wins & rewards have you created for yourself?


I’m passionate about guiding people to have a business and life that turns them on. Sometimes all it takes is having someone to talk to, to strategize with. CLICK HERE for more info.

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