Getting clear on your purpose and passions

by | Aug 30, 2020 | Business, Strengths

When you’re wondering why you’re here [on this planet] and how you can make a difference, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed.

There are so many causes to support after all and when you’re looking for how you best express your talents it’s easy to get stuck in mind chatter.

One of the things to consider is your dominant talents: they all have needs and all bring something valuable.

When you’re energized or in the zone, you’re activating your unique talents. And by simply logging what those activities are you can start narrowing things down. I blogged about your passions here.

Purpose & Flow

Via you’re able to access both a purpose test and finding your flow (biz plan) via one of the many free micro degrees.

When looking at your purpose from a strengths perspective, look at your list of “in the zone activities” and ask yourself while reviewing them one at the time:

  • What are you giving your time to?
  • How do you feel in your body, heart & mind when you’re in the zone? Are you energized, present, calm, focused, creative?
  • How are you contributing to people – is it by influencing others by talking or listening, making people feel better, showing them how to make/save money, or saving people time? 

Now, looking at your responses from the list above and the activities you’ve identified so far, are you seeing any similarities?

It could be that all are outdoor activities, for example, so what if you combined your passions with your purpose to a specific area?

When I took the GeniusU Purpose Test my #1 priority is “clean water & sanitation for all.” That made sense to me, without clean water you won’t survive, and poor sanitation creates disease.

Learning & education plus health comes next to me. Knowing this makes it easier for me to know where and what I want to focus my attention and money.

Purpose & Why

So is your purpose and why the same? It can be or you add a dimension by combining the two. Knowing how you best express your “why” can help you choose what to focus on, where to spend your time, money, and ideas.

There’s so much pain on this planet, and you can choose to focus on that or become part of the solution. 

Let’s face it with the variety of causes you can contribute to, what if what you said yes to and spent your time on was connected to your #1 purpose? 

Whenever you can, say yes if it energizes you not only this moment but a week, month or even a year ahead 😀

It makes it easier to funnel all requests that come your way, doesn’t it?

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