How to stand out and communicate for success

by | Sep 20, 2020 | Business, Strengths

When you’re connected to digital media you get bombarded with offers, news, and more 24/7, now more than ever — so how do you share your message and stand out in all the noise?

You have your company brand and hang out where your prospects are. When you’re in an oversaturated market it’s easy to want to give up — don’t.

Independent of what products you sell, you have a brand that either attracts your prospects or repels them. You want customers who want to buy from you, right?

Every time I discover a new product, thought leader, or expert I’m amazed at how many large communities there are that I had no clue about prior. That’s when I realize the possibilities we all have.

Are you willing to be seen?

Standing out can be scary. Public speaking ranks high for many on the “no way” list and when you’re in sales it’s often part of your job. 

Some people don’t want to stand out and that’s OK. There is after all no need to be in the spotlight necessarily to sell.

To become known though, people need to see you —  even if it’s behind the scenes.

We all have the ability to stand out in our environment, and if we match our natural talents with what we’re passionate about, it can become easier.

When it comes to sales it’s important to be memorable. You’re memorable if you’re truly being you. 

How do you stand out?

Show people who you are. All of you, not just your professional version. 

Apply your talents every day as they will provide you with the fastest way for you to excel while providing an even better service.

Use your talents, skills, and products to help solve your prospects and customers’ problems. 

Identify their needs so that you can customize a solution your customers actually desire.

Communicate to add value

When you add value to a prospect or customer and leave people feeling heard, seen, and listened to, you build trust. With trust, people will reveal their needs and potential deal-breakers.

When you know the needs and deal breakers, you can provide a customized offer.

Some people may still need time before they pull the trigger. In the interim, however, you establish yourself as a resource.

Who would you call if you have a need for something, let’s say you were presented with an offer to switch to a competitor and then something happened?

Sometimes it’s down to the connection you have with your sales rep. 

How do people sell you? 

When you look at what sales tactics work on you, you can become aware of how you best sell or present your offers.

Added to that, you have product-specific facts to add, and potential objections. The key, as most of you know, is to present a narrative that really connects with your prospect and customer. 

When you know what the problem is, it’s easier to present a solution.

Worst case, you establish yourself as a resource which can result in a customer, later on, a referral or reference down the line.

Life and business don’t always happen on our timeline so different people have different needs.

With a strong pipeline, you’re able to stay unattached to the “when” and simply focus on connecting with people being true to who you are.


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