How do you connect with people?

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We all have the ability to connect with people. 

When you are dominant and lead from the Relationship Building domain in CliftonStrengths® you come from the heart.

You feel and care about people — often very deeply. 

Gallup® defines the Relationship Building domain as: “People with dominant Relationship Building themes build strong relationships that hold a team together and make it greater than the sum of its parts.”

This domain, just like the Influencing domain, includes energy themes. The difference, as I’ve experienced it, is HOW it’s expressed.

With influencers from the Influencing domain, it’s more of an external energy, in the relationship domain, it’s internal and expressed with a different energy vibe. 

Now, as you know, you have a unique mix of talents from different domains that will affect how YOU ultimately express yourself.

What are the themes?

Starting with the cheerleader – Positivity® – You could say that it’s an influencing theme where people dominant in this talent have a glass-half-full — light at the end of the tunnel kind of attitude often expressing words of encouragement. You also have the ability to read a room and pick up on the vibe of how people feel.

A different aspect of pep talk comes from people with Developer®, if you’re one of them you know that you’ll notice every tiny step of improvement that people make, which makes you an excellent leader, coach, and teacher, independent of your profession.

The Relator® – While picky with who you allow into your personal life, and heart space, you have a desire to connect deeply. When you have this theme you need friendships that are authentic and where both parties desire to connect. Shallow people are not for you, you need people that have your back.

People with Adaptability® are living in the now and embrace change quickly. It could be a “WTF!” pivot and then you move into a new direction. To have flow is important to you. Flow is often experienced as an energy that you can’t describe but you know when it’s a yes or a no for you.

When you have any type of event or meeting it’s great to have someone with Includer® on the team as they will make sure that no one misses out. Whether it’s helping bring attention to those that are not seen or extending an invitation, you then leave it up to each person to make their choice and move on.

Have you ever said, have friends or coworkers say that it was meant to be or kismet? If so, they could be dominant in Connectedness®. It’s the serendipity theme that believes that everything is connected.

Then there’s Harmony® – when this theme is dominant you will be the peacemaker, the born diplomat, making sure that waters stay calm. You don’t like conflicts at all so you’re great at redirecting conversations or simply holding space for people to find common ground and keeping communication lines open.

Empathy® is a theme that can range from wearing emotions on your sleeve and expressing it externally to feeling it and holding it all inside. Either way, you FEEL what people around you feel. You may not know what the “thing” is but you have the ability to walk in other people’s footsteps and see/feel things from their perspective. For many, this extends to everything on this planet, from animals, soil, trees, and plants.

No matter which one of these talents that are part of your Top 10-15 make sure that you take time to nurture each one of them, if not daily, weekly.

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