How you influence and connect with your brain [power]

by | Oct 4, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

When you’re dominant in the Strategic Thinking themes you can range from introvert to extrovert depending on your surrounding themes.

Many of you are brainy. Some are expressive, others prefer and NEED lots of thinking time. Alone.

Some enjoy having people around to strategize and dream, it all depends on what stage you’re at in your process. Sometimes the best ideas develop when there are people around to brainstorm with after all.

Quiet surroundings are great when thinking and I’m sure there are some that love sounds, we all have our individual interpretations after all. 

What is your favorite place to focus and create what’s next for you? For me working out or driving is when I get many of my ideas and meditation time.

The themes range in what they create, here we go:

Analytical® people love numbers and analyzing the data. You focus on the details and spreadsheets are often your trusted support to help craft the story the numbers provide and influence others. You thrive when you can take your time to analyze the details and data.

With Strategic® you see not only the big picture and map out the best path to forge ahead. You also see irregularities that pop along the way, disturbing the pattern and flow which can be the reason why a path is not selected that others would choose. Your thinking from A-Z can be so fast that others can have issues keeping up. Sharing your reasoning to bring people up to speed along the way becomes important on a team or your choices could seem out of context.

When you’re dominant in Context® you’re inspired by and look at the past. You enjoy going back to the original idea to distinguish the original intention and what ended up being created from there. Why recreate the wheel when you can get inspiration from what already has been and go from there?

Futuristic® on the other hand, have the ability to tap into what can be, you’re a visionary. It can often come across as a sense, energy, something you can’t put to words, you just KNOW that this is going to be important to pay attention to. The time frame and area of expertise varies. Communicating what you see can be a challenge so surround yourself with people who can nurture and support your vision.

When you’re a Learner® – you love to learn ongoingly for the sake of learning, to gain competency but not become an expert. So, short spurts of learning something new and then on to the next subject. It’s the journey, not the destination that excites you.

Ideation® people are easily recognized by your ease in spitting out ideas at the speed of lightning! Well, not always but you will connect the dots between different ideas and come up with new angles. You’re amazing to have around any time you want to brainstorm or get new ideas.

When you have Intellection® as one of the dominant talents you enjoy and need alone time for introspection. What you think about can range and is influenced by your surrounding talent themes. When you are around people you’re not a chit chat kind of person, you prefer engaging in intellectual topics. 

With Input® high you may collect items from your area of interest, it could be maps, golf balls, you name it… bottom line is that whatever you collect and are a resource for is an area that you feel passionate about, so you save your stuff for that rainy day.


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