How you influence and connect via execution

by | Oct 11, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

When you’re dominant in the Executing themes you’re a master at getting stuff done!

From powerfully doing, sorting, and juggling a bunch of projects with speed to taking your time deliberating and assessing risk with a focus on problems, this domain offers a lot of variety. 

Achiever® people need to get stuff done, every day. You influence by getting stuff done, often fast, and will do what it takes. This means you need to pay attention to time to avoid burning the candle at both ends. It can easily happen and become a challenge for you. The to-do list measures what you got done each day and ultimately determines your success.

With Arranger® you have an ability to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Organizing, and maximizing space and productivity is a natural talent of yours. You tend to be flexible and able to anticipate needs so that you can make changes ahead of time and quickly move things or resources around.

When you’re high in Deliberative® on the other hand you need time to assess the possible risks. You focus on and anticipate what problems can create from as close to a 360 as you can before making a decision. 

Restorative® on the other hand is the problem solver. You figure out what’s wrong and then fix it. If you were to restore an old car you’d make it look like it did originally whereas someone with Futuristic® would add all the bells and whistles available today. That would not sit well with you.

When you’re high in Belief® – you simply have core beliefs that don’t change. While many equate this with faith, it’s more about your values linked to your purpose. These beliefs are so strong that you take a stand for it so it’s important that your beliefs are linked to your profession/work environment as well as how you live your life.

Consistency® people believe that everyone should be treated equally. Favoring one person over another doesn’t fly. When you’re dominant in this theme you often enjoy processes, procedures, and rules that apply equally to everyone involved.

When you’re dominant in Discipline® you enjoy routine and structure. The detailed systems you create ensure that you meet your deadlines and are how you manage the chaos. You really don’t like unpredictability so you’re someone that will excel in contributing where discipline is the name of the game. 

With Focus® high you truly get so focused in your zone that people around you may need to work at it to get your attention. You prioritize what needs to get done and then get in action. Think about a racecar driver focused on staying on the path until the finish line.

Responsibility® – you take your word seriously. Saying yes on impulse can bite you as you will take ownership until completion. Many of you, myself included, find yourself on a life journey of learning to say “no” without feeling bad about it. It’s so much easier to say yes when you have this theme high and you’re often considered trustworthy because of this.


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