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Have you ever wondered what your special “it” factor is and how YOU influence people, not from your exterior but from who you are?

When you know where your talents lay it’s easier to focus on investing your time into that rather than trying to be someone you’re not.

I love CliftonStrengths® because in the process of learning about your own themes you learn to embrace all 34 talent themes. 

When you learn more about each talent theme and understand where people are coming from, new possibilities open up. It’s not about being the same as we’re all unique individuals.

Especially since you all have your unique talent lineup making tweaks to the “standard” description at times dramatically different.

There are always some generic descriptions that tend to apply to each theme that most agree with, added to that are our unique blend of themes that impact the speed or how we approach things.

One thing we all have in common independent of our domain mix is that we influence people in a variety of ways.

What if you can utilize people’s talents and create partnerships with people that have what you don’t?

I personally LOVE to delegate stuff to people who have the talent for it and love to do whatever task it is that I don’t want to, have the time or the talent for.

For the world’s influencers, change is all about energy, and our relationship builders connect heart to heart. Strategic thinkers may need to process by, thinking, and those leading with executing take action doing whatever needs to get done.

The colors indicate how and what our mix looks like, especially in the Top 10-15 as those are the talents we use most naturally because they are also the most dominant in us.

What do you lead with?

In the All 34 report on page 21 you’ll notice a statement “You lead with…” followed by the domain where you’re most dominant.

You’ll notice that the colors have changed: Green = Strategic Thinking, Orange = Influencing, Blue = Relationship Building, and Purple = Executing.

What’s interesting to me is to see the blend of domains in the graph below this statement as that tells a story in addition. It’s important to look at the big picture and the details, as you’ll find new information that you may have missed previously.

All of the individuals below are dynamic in that you would notice and hear them as they’re all expressive individuals.

Strategic Thinking

What would you say if you saw these two samples? How would you describe each person?

Now, what if you saw this in addition? Would that provide you with additional information about the person?

It would add another dimension, wouldn’t it? And these two while classified as leading with Strategic are also strong in Influencing and Relationship Building.

Relationship Building

How about this person? This person leads with Relationship Building but as you can see is high in influencing too.


How about this person?

Both images tell a story on a top level of where you have exceptional talents and are important pieces of information when it comes to identifying how you’re currently applying your talents. 

Knowing what the colors stand for you’ll have the ability to sense a tone of who an individual is and how each individual influences.

When you dive into each talent, you see how different each talent is and how they are applied. The personality can also be completely different from what you would expect, which makes this a fun exploration.

And what if I told you that all people in this blog post are high performing individuals?

The Influencing Domain

Now, if you look at the domain called Influencing and are leading with this you have a presence and energy about you that often attracts people to you.

You know how to take charge, speak up, and make sure others are heard.

What that can look like will be unique to you. Here are three examples:

By just looking at the color mix you may start seeing how different and unique you are. And that’s a good thing and one way to build your personal brand with ease.

What are the Influencing Talents?

The influencing domain ranges from straight shooters like Command® – the natural-born leader who skips the frills and gives it to you straight. 

One the other side you have the social butterfly who loves to meet and win over new people and energize crowds – Woo®, often coupled with Communication® where words flow with ease and there’s a talent for crafting impactful stories.  

People high in Self-Assurance® have confidence, strong inner compass, and guidance, while an Activator® can jump into action before you’ve finished your sentence.

All themes vary in intensity though so one Maximizer® can be seen as a perfectionist in their pursuit of excellence while others simply focus on improving something to go from good to great and that could be a thing as well as a person maximizing performance.

And lastly, we have Significance® who wants to leave a big legacy, often on a global level, and Competition® where the game is all about being #1, and with that, you’ll compare yourself to others.

When you look at these themes and start blending them with other domains and themes they’ll form something completely unique to you.

Can you see how important it also is to nurture what comes naturally for you and focus on that? Being a social butterfly in a job that’s all about executing isn’t healthy for you when you need to connect with people every day. 

To maximize performance and well-being for you make sure that you’re including your talents in everything that you do. When you operate in your talent zone you’ll be more engaged, happy, and provide a higher ROI for your business.

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