Flow – your speed, expression, and capacity

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Last week I spoke about “Where is your flow of genius?”, this week we’re diving deeper into the speed, expression, and capacity of your flow.

One thing you’ll find with most teachings is the difference in speed and capacity which is why we need to create teams that are diverse.

While you may test as dominant in a domain when you take an assessment, your individual results may show something different.

The power of individual results is that you get access to your unique blueprint and gifts.

When you realize how you unique you are, what you previously took for granted takes on a different meaning.

There’s an incentive for investing more time in what actually can create more flow. It’s more fun for one.

Your speed of flow

Talent and speed go hand in hand, doesn’t it? It’s all the things that come so easily to you that you think nothing of it. In fact, you may wonder why other people don’t get it.

Whether it’s solving a complex math problem, thinking up solutions for practical problems, getting in action, or connecting with people.

When you’re in the talent zone you learn faster, are often in the zone, and have flow.

You’re also able to provide solutions that others can’t, or if they tried it would take way longer and not be an enjoyable process…

Imagine getting paid for all your in-the-zone type of interests? Made you smile, huh?

Your expression of flow

We all express ourselves in different ways.

What’s considered right or wrong is sometimes simply about growing up in a community that didn’t get what you’re here to contribute, you were different.

There’s more that connects us all than separates you even when you grow up in different parts of the world.

Talent is one of those areas that we’re all able to identify in others. When you have talent in whatever area, you make it look easy.

So, what if you have many talents and you don’t know what path to choose?

Take note of all the areas that get you in the zone. Pick the one that pops and try it for a day, a week, or longer and see if you still enjoy it.

When you have a talent for something you advance quickly, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to invest time into learning your craft.

Your flow capacity

Unless your talent is blatantly obvious like being a dancer, musician, singer, artist, math genius, etc. you may spend time wondering what your talents are.

Take business, for example, do you focus on sales or marketing, or is finance your game?

There are different personalities and speed of action in different areas of business and industries.

Then there’s the capacity. From how many people you can reach each day to the production capacity of the product you’re selling.

Selling insurance. movies, dental implants or retail attracts different personalities.

For some of you, the product and industry matter, for others not.

It often comes down to the people you interact with and have around you at the end of the day plus the income you have the potential to generate.

Why not combine your talent with something you’re passionate about?

It seems very obvious yet many don’t.

I’m a mix n’ match person so I’ve explored numerous teachings throughout my life.

I combine my awareness of energy with the research and results you get from the CliftonStrengths® assessment. This assessment is all about HOW you approach anything. You get clear on what you need and bring, and more.

Then there are the GeniusU assessments of Wealth/Talent Dynamics where you get clear on your purpose, passions, the unique paths that get you in flow professionally and in life, and much more. You learn how to create value by leveraging your talents in a way that is true for you.

Next week, I’ll dive into the different talent profiles of GeniusU.


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