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The process of understanding your strengths includes things such as knowing what you bring and what you need. When you read the report, you will, in all likelihood, say, “Yeah, that’s so me!” yet getting to know your individual strengths in-depth goes way beyond what the reports include.

What the reports really illustrate is who you are when you’re at your best, and it’s really just a starting point of what you have the potential to be or do.

The question is, are you using your strengths every day intentionally? How?

For a talent to develop into a strength, it needs attention, much like a business. In business, you know that if you don’t invest time in staying on top of your game, you’ll lag behind. When you don’t invest time and effort into applying your talents, that talent simply doesn’t develop into a strength.

We all have raw talents. Not everyone invests the time in themselves to the point where they know what they need and bring.

The strengths conversations help cut a lot of “red tape,” so if you’re looking for a fun and inspiring conversation about one aspect of you, your hardwiring, then this is for you.

Strengths Inspire Others

I thrive when I see you step into your potential and take it to another level, and others will too.

When you’re happy and empowered, you’ll inspire others, and that will impact people in ways you can never foresee, unless, of course, you have a talent that actually can, like Futuristic®, for example. And even with that, there will be unforeseen variables.

We are all unique; per Gallup® 1 in 33 million people have the exact same lineup in their Top 5 as you do.

Your “strengths twin” could be anywhere on this planet with different age, gender, skills, and experiences, so suffice to say, you’re even more unique and special when you’re simply your best YOU.

Are you wired for sales?

Some are naturally wired to sell, no matter what the product or market is like. For others, it’s a matter of finding the product or business that you really click with.

Being in sales can mean a lot of highs and a lot of lows, depending on how intentional you are.

Using your talents/strengths can help you minimize that gap, as confidence is one thing, at a minimum, that everyone gets from a coaching journey.

You sell when you’re confident, not cocky. When you believe in yourself, what you and your product bring.

How are you currently applying your strengths to sell?

Do you walk into an office with confidence, intention, and a [backup]plan or strategy in place, or are you winging it?

Are you using a cookie-cutter template someone said you should follow to succeed?

What challenges are your customers/prospects currently facing that you can help them with?

While some strengths thrive when creating on the spot, and that includes someone with Selling® (BP10™) in their Top 4, not all do, and even those that do will be more effective and productive when having an intention.

What strengths can help you with

When you really hone in on your talents and develop them into strengths, you will find that your performance will increase.

Applying your natural talents intentionally with a plan and focused action that works for how you’re wired will energize you.

Have you ever mapped out who your ideal client is? It could be an age group, gender, ethnographic, specialty, personality, etc. Who would you love to do business with? Why not do business with people with whom you enjoy interacting with that can receive what you offer?

When you’re super clear on who you want to sell to, it’s easy to say no to anyone who doesn’t fit. For example, spend the majority of your time on the clients/prospects that appreciate what you bring, that buy from you consistently, and that has the interest to grow.

Are your needs met?

Imagine having customers that you really enjoy interacting with.

When your needs are not met, and when you don’t know what you bring, other than product knowledge and experience, it’s very easy to get cranky or simply lose your mojo. You have a sense that something is missing but just can’t put your finger on it.

On the other hand, when you know what you bring and what your dominant talents/strengths need to be energized and feel fulfilled, then it’s easy to put together a plan.

Creating success based on you being your best you naturally is a heck of a lot more fun. When you feel great about who you are plus the product you sell and take intentional action, you will create the success that you desire.

Here are three great books on strengths selling that you may enjoy – I sure did 🙂

1. Discover Your Sales Strengths by Tony Rutigliano. How the greatest salespeople develop winning careers. A timeless book of stories that may affirm what you already have a sense of with more meat added. Published in 2003 and is still valid.

2. Strengths-Based Selling by Tony Rutigliano and Brian J. Brim

3. Born to Build by Jim Clifton and Sangeeta Badal

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