Why Talents Do Matter

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Strengths

Google “talent,” and you’ll get over 2 million hits. So, why does it matter, and do we all have talents?

One of the things that I love about the Strengths movement is that you really get, first of all, that everyone has talents. It’s awesome to be part of, and help individuals embrace their natural talents, sometimes personality traits that they were made wrong for one way or another.

Taking these talents and creating environments where people can actually be their best at work and in life is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved as it affects every area of your life.

When you use your talents and invest time in your talents you automatically increase your performance levels, feel better, and simply you’re engaged.

When you invest time in nonexistent talents, a.k.a. weaknesses, you will, at best, be average, and we all know how crappy you can feel when that is the focus.

So why are so many people still focusing on weaknesses rather than looking at what each individual naturally has a talent for, what they already may be contributing, and then allowing that person to invest time doing more of that?

Who it applies to

Well, all of us, every single one of us on this planet. The question is, how are you using them?

We all have areas where, no matter what we do, we simply don’t do it, get it, or get any better at it. If we’re smart, we delegate those tasks; if we have someone to delegate to, we’ll hire the job out. And yes, there may be some issues that we can’t delegate.

When applying a Strengths conversation and lens to the task at hand, you may be able to reframe whatever the “it” is and make it fun or interesting.

Now, in all honesty, some tasks will never be fun, yet when a team focuses on what they are best at, there’s a big chance that someone on your team actually loves doing what you hate doing, and you could potentially trade tasks.

What if you love sales but feel the pressure to be a manager

Imagine waking up every day and looking forward to going to work, even on a Monday. You’re energized and doing what you love.

Many salespeople and entrepreneurs love the freedom the job provides but spend a lot of time stressing out when sales are not coming in. Not everyone is wired to build a business, aka territory, on their own.

Some are hunters; others are farmers, and some have both. Knowing your talents helps you see what your greatest contribution to your company can be and set yourself up to win.

Many salespeople want to become managers, some have the talent for it, and others do not.

If you’re someone who thrives on selling and the sales process, invest time in being the best salesperson you can be and take pride in that. Use what you have going for yourself naturally.

If your passion is to manage people, and the paperwork, then management might be your thing.

When selling energizes you, you’ll automatically add that little extra sauce that has your customers appreciate and stay loyal to you. A great product helps, too, of course.

While many of us thrive on change, some of us don’t, and when you’re in sales, there are so many variables. Talented salespeople handle challenges easily and sell no matter what happens.

What to do to get started

So what’s next? Well, it starts by exploring what your talents are as an individual. While you may have a sense of what it is, reading the report will often confirm what you know deep down but haven’t had the words for.

Getting a coach and going deeper will create even more self-awareness resulting in more confidence and well-being for one, helping you sell yourself better too. Talking strengths is an empowering conversation that will make you smile; it’s painless.

The next step would be to bring it to your team, whether that team is your coworkers, field team, family, or community. Starting a conversation exploring where you shine and how you can be better now doesn’t that sound way more fun than fixing what you suck at?

1. Take the CliftonStrengths® Assessment
…connect with a coach or go HERE and take the assessment. The report that you get after taking the assessment will in itself be worth gold. You will be blown away, and likely say “Yup, that’s me”.
2. Talk to a coach

…if you want to dig deeper into how YOU can best invest in yourself.

3. Spread Strengths to your communities
…including work. Remember, this assessment measures HOW you approach anything; it’s your hardwiring. Other talents, experience and more get added to this. So it’s about becoming more of who you are naturally. Honor you in other words.

Try it, and let me know how it goes!

Do you want to learn more about how you can make the most of your talents? Learn how we can work together HERE.

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