The Power of Your Voice

by | Nov 11, 2022 | Business, General, Strengths

I’ve been inquiring about the power in and of our voice recently. Things we don’t necessarily think about, everything from our tone of voice and vibration to the strength of it and what we choose to communicate with it, and most importantly, how it lands. What happens with what we’re saying, and what does it create for ourselves and others?

It’s easy to ramble; so much of our communication is unconscious. Do you pay attention to the words you speak, listen to the tone and vibration of your voice, or both, for example?

Try doing some OHMs to test how long and freely you allow your vocal cords to vibrate. I tried it a while ago and realized that I was holding myself back, resulting in my vocal cords being unable to hold the tone. That was a wake-up call to start talking and networking with people more.

Song lyrics

When I listen to music, the voice, style, hook = the vibe pulls me in. It’s often been the hook that got me. I’ve listened to many songs where I’ve been happily singing along, being more hooked on the melody and vibe than the lyrics. Years later, I would check the lyrics on some, often with surprising content. Different styles of music have different stories to share, after all.

I grew up listening to different styles of music, ranging from classical, opera, pop, and R&B to melodic hard rock / heavy metal, to name a few. As I got older, I noticed how my moods would be affected by different genres, especially when driving, so I started to pay attention. I have no judgment about it; where I’m coming from is more about the power our voice has and how our words create our realities, including the impact based on what we listen to.

For various reasons, many refrain from speaking up and withholding words and topics during business hours. Others are blunter at work than at home. The withholding creates a lot of energy in the body that never gets to release unless you take conscious action without placing the blame on an innocent party at home when you can speak freely.

Money & time

Think about what you say about money and time; for example, do you have plenty of it, or do you state that you’re busy and don’t have enough money? What if that jargon creates more of that? I’m guilty of saying, “I’m busy,” and guess what? I have been busy creating and being active in various activities for most of my life. There have been many years where I was too busy with work, with little time for play which doesn’t work for me, so now I’m playing a game where I say: I have plenty of money & time.

What we speak, of course, comes from the thoughts we choose to say out loud. Many teachings, like TUT with Mike Dooley, focus on “thoughts become things.”

I recently listened to an audiobook by Christian Mickelsen – Abundance Unleashed. He stated that one way to shift that was to say, “you have all the time in the world and nothing to do.”

Another author, William Whitecloud, with whom I recently participated in the awesome Create Your Destiny course, has processes that help you access your intuition to access your potential and create beyond the mind and limiting beliefs. Check out this page if you’re interested in the next free course, or go here to see what his classes are all about. They’re worth every minute invested.

Where and who you spend your time with, both on and off business hours, impact you, and these two realities often have contrasting vocabularies where you speak more or less freely. You also have to consider how you’re feeling in each environment. Are you feeling supported, seen & heard?

Being yourself

It makes all the difference when you are free to be yourself and feel great and empowered. We have a lot of choices in that ourselves.

We all suppress emotions to some extent, munching, drinking, exercising, etc., to “make it go away.” In reality, it doesn’t until we deal with it or need to change for other reasons, like our health, so there’s always an impact to consider. In other words, if you don’t express yourself at work with open conversations, it builds up until you blow a fuse or silence the inner voice with your choice of sedative.

Whether you’re speaking or singing, speaking up or not, there’s an energy and vibration that we all emit that creates. It may sound lofty but think about what triggers you vs. what doesn’t. Is it the delivery or the words?

If it’s the words, then you may ask yourself why? We all have limiting beliefs that trigger us based on past events; some are stored in our DNA lineage and inherited.

Your vibe

We live on a planet with contrasting realities. I now look at bullies and a*holes as examples of someone trying to conquer their fears by alienating themselves and others further away from empowerment. When you’re mean and unkind, you have little self-worth. Sadly, we all pay the price for that, BUT if it’s not too close to home, we can choose what we pay attention to and not give them any airtime.

Our vibes are a big part of our experience, so choosing words, behaviors, and tones of kindness and patience will benefit you, your body, and reality in the long run, and you’ll have more fun in the process.

We can express our words with love or insult; it’s all about intention and delivery. Many of us have done both; think back to your rebellious years and the insights you now have from that experience, and if you remove any judgment you may have about that time, wasn’t some of it about you finding your voice and path?

What’s your take and experience on the topic of the power of YOUR voice?

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