What’s possible when working with a coach

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Business, General, Strengths

When you’re in sales, you know what it takes to close a deal, and hustle is often part of it. While networking is part of the job, having someone to talk things through with that is objective and focused on helping you get clear can make a big difference in your approach.

When you have a sales background, it’s part of your wiring even when you step into VP, President/CEO roles. You still approach and think as a salesperson.

Whether you’re a manager looking to take your career to the next level or an executive looking for an objective partner to strategize with, investing in a coach may be just what you need to reach your revenue targets and achieve the success you seek.

Here are a few contributions you can gain from having a coach:

Personalized Guidance: A coach can provide tailored advice and strategies for your strengths, weaknesses, and targets. This means that you’ll be working on the most important areas that will impact your success.

Accountability: This is a big one. You often know what you need to do. A coach can hold you accountable for your progress and help you stay on track. This means that you’ll be less likely to get sidetracked or lose focus on what’s important.

New Perspectives: A coach can offer fresh perspectives and insights you may not have considered. This can help you think outside the box, develop new and innovative ideas in your expertise, and impact company revenue and team morale. When you become aware of something new, solutions not previously seen pop up, and decisions you may not have considered before are made.

Skills Development: Develop new skills and improve your performance in sales and other areas of your life. This can lead to increased productivity and better results. When you add your natural talents/strengths to the equation, you will be motivated and engaged, which will both speed up productivity and your happiness factor.

Increased Confidence: More confidence in your abilities often translates to better sales performance. When you believe in yourself and your abilities, you’ll be more likely to take the risks necessary to close deals and make sales. Confidence is an inside job; operating from your strengths zone is one facet that makes it easier to embrace any challenge coming your way.

Growth and Development: Identify areas of growth that help you achieve your targets and aspirations. Whether you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder or start your own business, a coach can help you. The world is changing fast around us, and to stay in the flow, it’s important to grow as a person and professional continually.

Professional Development: Stay current in the industry and ahead of the curve. This means you’ll be better equipped to take advantage of new opportunities and adapt to changes in the marketplace. In what areas do you feel out of your comfort zone, i.e., what do you procrastinate doing, and what do you jump on without hesitation? That’s your strengths talking.

Having a coach will, at a minimum, add accountability and new perspectives to your life. So if you have a sales background or have a sales personality, looking to take your career to the next level, consider investing in a coach.

With the right guidance and support, you can achieve the success you’ve been striving for and reach your full potential. It’s important that you connect with the person you choose, so if you are curious about working with me, book a free call to explore if we’re a fit, and we’ll go from there.

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