What is the frequency of your genius?

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

The Wealth Dynamics Assessment was created by Roger James Hamilton, founder of the Genius Group, in 2003. He combined his in-depth awareness from analyzing hundreds of successful wealth-builders with the teachings of I-Ching.

The Wealth Dynamics Profile targets entrepreneurs. There’s also a Talent Dynamics Profile that has more of a corporate focus. You only need to take one of them as your profile results would apply to either.

The wealth/talent square is a business tool that helps you identify your natural path to create success in business and life. You’ll learn how you create value and leverage your strengths, where you’re the most energized, in flow, and how you create trust.

We all create success in different ways so why not tune into the energy that you naturally have and use it to your advantage?

The report you receive after taking the paid assessment is very in-depth and includes your genius, profile, unique blueprint, and path for success.

The talent square has five frequencies and geniuses:

DYNAMO – Spring energy

You know in spring when everything bursts into bloom? That’s the Dynamo energy. Here you’ll find the innovators and creatives, with lots of ideas, a futuristic mindset with their heads in the clouds, and big picture perspectives. It also represents wood energy. You act on intuition and move fast. You ask “what?” as in, what product or service can I create?


BLAZE – Summer energy

As the name indicates, it’s the fire energy of summer. Here you’ll find the people-person, who communicates with lots of enthusiasm, and who’s often found in the middle of the crowd socializing. You’re extroverts, connect easily with people, create big networks and magnify brands, people, and companies. You ask “who?” as in, “who needs to know about this?” or “who do I know that…?”


TEMPO – Autumn energy

Moving at a slower pace with earth energy, this energy has its ears to the ground. You’re great at project management and customer service-focused, and you’ll also find investors here. You ensure the timing and delivery of a product, or buy-sell, from a sensory perspective. Asking “when?”, as in “when is a good time for “X” to …?”, or “when is “X” due?”

STEEL – Winter energy

When you have steel energy you have no problem being on your own while analyzing data and spreadsheets. In fact, you will often choose data over people often being more of an introvert. Analyzing numbers and profitability is something you thrive on. With the metal energy, you provide clarity by asking yourself “how?” you can multiply your systems utilizing systems and processes.


Water – The 5th frequency

This is the source of all the frequencies and profiles. It’s the water energy, which is the basis of flow that connects us all. It provides the wisdom and insight that transcends our two eyes and connects the conscious to the unconscious, and here the question is “why?”.


When you take the assessment you also find out which of the eight profiles you are, and this is where your gold and specific success path can be found. I’ll talk more about that next week.


Who do you identify with? Take the test here to find out or connect with me for a debrief session that includes the paid assessment.

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