What’s your genius profile success path?

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Last week I spoke about the five frequencies in the Wealth and Talent Dynamic profile tools created by Roger James Hamilton. They are Dynamo, Blaze, Tempo, Steel, and Spirit.

When you take the paid Wealth/Talent Dynamics assessments your highest scores will determine your Genius, main profile, your secondary profiles, and your blueprint.

While your unique blueprint determines what your energy mix looks like, it’s in your primary profile that you’ll be the most energized and have the most potential for success.

Your primary profile is flanked by your secondary profiles, so while one profile might say that you’re not great at X, your secondary might say that you are.

The key to interpreting any profile is to see how it applies to your life currently. Knowing people with different profiles also helps as you can see where you differ, and how different people can be that share the same profiles.


While we can potentially do it all, the key here is that it will take A LOT of energy to work in areas where you don’t have talent, so why would you?

If you’re an extrovert, the last thing you want to do is spend all day locked in an office crunching numbers. So while you can do it, you’re not going to thrive and you’ll come home drained at the end of the day.

One of the joys of delegating to someone that has a talent for a specific task is the joy it brings them while you take a big sigh of relief over not having to do that specific task.

Compare that to feeling drained, low on energy, stressed out, feeling like a failure…

Why would you not choose to be energized as often as you can?

Unleash people’s talents and allow them to contribute.

In a way, life is a game of sales, and it’s all about creating an experience. How you do that is unique to you.

The potential of what can be created as a team when each person is in their natural flow is the making of a winning team.

As you read this blog consider where you see yourself, family, friends, co-workers, and customers.

While having increased self-awareness is fantastic this also helps you understand where others are functioning from.

When you feel understood, communication, performance, and well-being increase which is a win-win for everyone involved. 

A company goes through different seasons and stages just like nature, so all are needed for a company to be successful long-term.


Here’s a brief description of the eight profiles :


Great at initiating and starting new projects, and filled with ideas. You’re often a big picture visionary who loves to think up new products or services. You’re high in Dynamo energy, intuitive and your flow and value come from expressing your creativity and ideas.


You’re both creative and great with people. A natural promoter who loves to lead from the front and shining the light on others. When you’re allowed to deliver results with flexibility on the “how-to”, and provided with systems and support you’ll be able to focus on building new business.


You’re excellent with people, an extrovert, and a natural, often magnetic, leader. While analyzing numbers is not your thing once you have the targets, you’ll take it and lead your team towards the plan. You enjoy connecting, taking care of your clients and communities. Often found in the middle of the party, easily get distracted by supporting others, and creating fun adventures.

Deal Makers 

Strong in Blaze and Tempo energy you love asking lots of questions so you can serve your people better and find ways to create win-win situations. You’re down-to-earth and great in roles where you can negotiate, connecting people and ideas together for everyone’s benefit. You’ll always value the relationships over systems and processes.


You love to build very strong, trusted, and deep relationships with people you already know, but you don’t like going out and meeting new people. Being more sensory, you have your ears-to-the-ground and are great with your customers. Quiet by nature, you’ll often only share if asked and find your flow being the peace- and time-keeper.


With a focus on what can go wrong, you spend a lot of time analyzing data and details. As a natural risk assessor, you know what will and what won’t work. You’re an excellent project manager making sure that things happen on time. With strong Tempo and Steel energy, your flow comes from collecting and organizing what’s already there.


You provide clarity with details from analyzing data, numbers, and data. With strong Steel energy, you have the ability to spot and analyze patterns in numbers and information. Often on the introvert side, you’re happy to work behind the scenes focusing on how you can make the business more profitable with considered suggestions on savings. 


High on Steel and Dynamo energy, you love to solve problems. Being both creative and detailed your flow comes from taking things apart and finding better solutions with the help of systems and processes. Some of you are perfectionists, taking longer to get started but you’re amazing at completing your projects!


Knowing what your profile provides and how you create flow is pretty cool, huh?

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