Are you living on purpose or in burnout mode?

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

The other day I was reminded of how differently we manage the contrasting times we live in. Depending on where you fall on the scale, you might be thriving or in burnout mode.

When you’re not nurturing your body, for example, being on back-to-back Zoom calls, it’s easy to get moody and then project the frustration on yourself or others.

When you get moody, it’s easy to twist good vibes and happy people into being fake or [fill in the blank]. One question to ask in situations like that is, “What am I aware of?”

Sometimes we react because we’re picking up on something that isn’t jiving in what others are saying and how the person actually feels about it. Their body language may be telling a different story.

Other times, it’s simply a reminder of the gap between where you’re currently vibing and where you naturally function. In other words, you haven’t taken care of your needs.

Have you ever listened to something that you reacted to a second time when you were not in a funk?

I have, where you hear things totally different the second time and all that shifted was the vibe. And yes, at times you still have a similar reaction.

Tuning into your awareness and not jumping to conclusions, or over-analyzing are things to keep in mind. Stay true to your pace and processing mode, yet be open to change your mind and you’ll continually grow and stay on purpose.

When you feel great about yourself your perspective will be different about everything. To soar and continue to feel great, no matter what, it’s key to know what YOU need on a daily basis.

So how do you do that?

Key #1 Get clear on what your natural talents are

Your talents help you clarify what you need to feel great, what you bring, how you show up and contribute to others. It also includes your natural path for success i.e. career. In other words, you become more self-aware. When you know better you do better as Maya Angelou so famously said.

There are many different assessments to take that help you get clear fast. Getting clear on what you have going for you independent of your current life roles are important pieces.


Key #2 Connect your passions to a bigger purpose

One thing that I love about B1G1 that I found via the GeniusU community, is to connect UN’s 17 Goals for Global Sustainable Development to your business. GeniusU has an easy assessment available to help you figure out which ones you connect with the most. You don’t need to take it though, simply look at the goals and support the ones that really speak to you.

Many companies tie a portion of their sales to their selected targets which can also be extended to customers selecting where they want their portion to go. Amazon Smile’s site does that too. When your purchases contribute to the well-being of someone else it feels pretty good, doesn’t it?

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • Why is it important to you?
  • What do you get out of it?
  • What’s the value you bring to your prospect/customer?

Focusing on what you have working for you, your strengths is one way to stay on purpose.


Key #3 What’s possible now?

Asking yourself what’s possible now is a great question to ask in many situations. In this case, when having more self-awareness, having connected your passions to a bigger purpose aka picture, what is possible for you and your business now that you haven’t thought about or acted on before?

Is there an event or promo that you can create that helps you stand out? What you uniquely bring individually, or collectively as in company vibe is something that’s important to communicate in your messaging. It’ll help your customers find you more easily. Be bold and express what you provide without excusing it.


Key #4 What’s the energy of your business

Who are the people you do business with and how is your business contributing to them? The energy of our business is a separate entity, even if you started it. The products or services that you offer coupled with the people, both employees, and customers, are where the culture is created. Creating your messaging, brand, and branding and communicating it clearly is an art form. As your business grows, evolves, and pivots, this too changes. Capturing the essence of your business and nurturing the purity of it is key to sustainability, coupled with continually asking the energy of your business what it requires. Try it!


Key #5 Community

Whether you have or work with a team, it’s important to surround yourself with people that have your back. In this case, it means holding the vision for what you’re looking to create, what’s possible, and helping you stay on track.

Do you have someone to talk to and strategize with? There are many networks that you can connect with, what do you need? One-on-one, group sessions, or is there a trusted friend or business associate that you can create an accountability partnership with?

Who pops into your mind just reading these questions? Trust that nudge and consider reaching out to that person for a conversation.


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