Why would you get a coach?

by | Apr 5, 2020 | Business, General, Strengths

There are many different ways of gaining knowledge and wisdom. You learn on the job, i.e., by doing, you study by various educational venues or reading books on your own, you study, interact and learn from people, to name a few.

I read a book called Shortcut to Success by Jonathan Robinson many years ago. One of the many suggestions I loved in the book was the Information Exchange Process. It’s based on bartering or trading expertise over a coffee or lunch.

For example, if you wanted to know about something specific in real estate, wouldn’t it be awesome to sit down with a seasoned expert to pick their brain, to have them provide you with ideas on what to look out for? The time you gain by tapping into people with the expertise you need is priceless, isn’t it?

You, too, have areas of expertise, so the idea is that you could potentially have a sit-down and trade information. Before you do, however, sit down and list all the areas you’re an expert in and another where you list what you’re looking to learn. If you have skills that the other person is seeking, you could trade; if not, you could offer lunch or similar. The book has more info; check it out.

Coaching options

Having a coach in your areas of need or preference follows the same concept. Finding the person you’re looking for could be a bit trickier. You’re often left to your own devices.

Referrals or website testimonials are often helpful; website content like blogs will provide you with more insight into who your potential coach is and if you’re a fit or not.

Meeting in person is great and doesn’t always happen; thankfully, you can connect online via apps like Zoom and get a feel for if this coach is a good fit for you or not.

No matter who you select, you get access to the knowledge, experience, and wisdom of someone with a passion for helping others succeed in their specific area(s) of expertise.

Objective guidance

When you have someone who can objectively guide you on your journey, you’ll create the success that you desire faster. Now, what the focus is on will depend on the area each coach specializes in and what you’re looking for.

In sports, getting a coach is a given, so why not in every area of our lives? Your level of success will always be based on your level of participation — action is key. No one else can, after all, do the work for you.

So, what’s important?

The answer will vary depending on who you are and what’s important to you. You have a need, and then it’s a matter of finding someone that fits that solution you’re looking for.

You could take a group class or do one on one coaching. Both are beneficial for different reasons, and sometimes your budget dictates which option you choose.

Just like your clients sometimes look for specific product features, services, and personality attributes in their salespeople, the same could be said for who you select as a coach.

At a minimum, the following are a given but are not always communicated or experienced:

  • Confidentiality -> creates trust
  • Trust -> without trust, there will be no deal, and you will hold yourself back
  • Objectivity -> you need to know that you’re not going to be judged
  • Chemistry -> you’re drawn to this person whether you can verbalize what it is or not
What’s covered in coaching?

We will cover different things; some focus on a curriculum, others free flow depending on what you need, and then there can be a combination of both.

I take my clients on a journey of self-discovery where the focus is to get their sales mojo back. Focusing on what you’re actually a rock star in is an empowering conversation that affects every area of your life.

I offer a mix of guidance, advice, coaching, and consulting wrapped up in a co-created conversation.

The sales mojo method will create a foundation that follows a curriculum of deliverables; after completion of that program, some are complete, and others choose to continue with various consulting or coaching ventures.

Sometimes having someone you can talk through current issues with on a confidential basis is all you need.

What do you get out of coaching?

Well, the short answer would be “you get what you invest” – participation is required for any program to be a success. Going to the gym doesn’t make you fit; after all, you have to use the equipment and break a sweat.

There are often several aha’s in each session, and often, the magic tends to happen in between sessions when you take your insights into your life with your home plays.

When you’re more self-aware, you’ll be more effective, make different choices, understand that others may not be like you and that’s OK and how you can deal with it in other more empowering ways.

That you need to include YOU in the equation is an ongoing lesson in life’s journey. Keeping a balance between business and life is important if you desire to live it to its fullest or simply create a life where it’s all mixed in a blend that works for you.

Are you happy and engaged?

The more connected you are within, being clear on what you bring, what you need, and your priorities, and then expressing that in a profession and industry that nurtures and excites you, there are no limits to what you can create. Life flows.

When you know what areas you’re a rock star in and get the power to focus on that, it’s easy to delegate what you don’t rock in. Delegating to people who can take it on and create something even better than inspires them is gold.

It’s FUN to delegate to people that LOVE doing what you don’t! A win-win that results in increased engagement, performance, and productivity! Every business owner’s dream, right?

With your creativity unleashed, you’ll step into the unknown, i.e., outside your comfort zone, with confidence anchored from within, knowing that you bring something that others do not and eager to explore whatever that “it” may be.

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