Navigating change and sales targets: 5 insights to empower you

by | May 8, 2023 | Business, Strengths

Change is part of being in sales, and as a sales executive, setting meaningful targets becomes crucial for your success and growth. While many challenges in life can be managed on your own or within your team, having a neutral third party can speed up the shifts. That’s where coaching can make a significant difference. It guides you through change, helps you set sales targets aligned with your aspirations and talents, and empowers you to achieve exceptional results.

Here are five insights where coaching can empower you to navigate change and set sales targets that drive your success as a sales executive.

Insight 1: The Power of Clarity

As a sales executive, clarity is your foundation for success. You gain clarity on your sales goals, target market, and unique value proposition through coaching. By understanding what you truly want to achieve and who your ideal customers are, you align your sales targets with your authentic self. Added to this is how you best tackle this using your natural talents and strengths as they help you with the “how.” When you’re clear on where you’re going and how, it empowers you to navigate change confidently, adapt your sales strategies, and focus on targets that resonate with your ultimate sales objectives.

Insight 2: Define DUMB Sales Targets

Let’s redefine how you set your targets by making them DUMB: Dream-driven, Uplifting, Method-friendly, and Behavior-triggered. Refining your sales targets and breaking them down into actionable steps and milestones is something you, in all likelihood, already do. DUMB sales targets provide a roadmap that guides you through change, helps you stay motivated, and enables you to achieve exceptional sales performance with the help of your natural talents. By adding your DUMB targets, you create sales targets that inspire and challenge you while considering practical strategies and behaviors to drive your sales success.

Insight 3: Harness your Sales Mindset

Your mindset is the dealbreaker in many ways in navigating change and achieving your sales targets. Through coaching, you can identify your limiting beliefs, cultivate a growth mindset, and develop a positive sales mindset. The most successful sales executives embrace continuous learning, resilience, and customer-centricity; in other words, you approach sales challenges as opportunities for growth and personal development. A coach provides support and strategies that help you develop a sales mindset that empowers you to overcome setbacks, build strong customer relationships, and drive sales success.

Insight 4: Cultivate Accountability

Accountability and support are vital for achieving sales targets and sustaining momentum. Having an accountability partner that can offer guidance, encouragement, and objective feedback with someone who believes in your sales potential and provides support, you gain the accountability and motivation necessary to navigate change, adapt your sales approach, and achieve exceptional sales results.

Insight 5: Adapt Your Sales Approach

Change is the one thing that is constant in sales, and flexibility is vital to your sales success. Being focused yet adaptable, evaluating your sales approach by reviewing and reflecting on your current sales stats, what works and what doesn’t, helps you stay ahead of the competition, ensuring that your sales targets are relevant and aligned with your sales objectives.

As a sales executive, your journey of navigating change and setting sales targets is transformative. Even when you’re the CEO, there’s always a boss to consider, and when you hit the ceiling, it’s easy to get frustrated and feel stuck. Engaging a coach is one way to help guide you to the clarity you need to shift things, gain clarity, define your DUMB sales targets, cultivate a positive sales mindset, foster accountability, and, most importantly, utilize your natural talents and strengths. They are your ticket out of any frustration or challenge. Do you know what yours are?

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