Why being yourself in business is key

by | Apr 30, 2023 | Business, Strengths

Being yourself in your personal and professional life is essential. Not only does it allow you to feel comfortable and confident in your skin, but it also allows you to build genuine relationships with others. When you’re true to yourself, it makes life easier and more enjoyable.

Values and Personality

Like finding the right partner, finding the right job is more than just what’s on paper. While your qualifications and experience are important, your values and personality often play a big role in determining whether a specific job or relationship is a good fit. In business and personal relationships, finding someone who shares your values is important for some more than others.

When you’re in a job or relationship that aligns with your values, it’s much easier to be yourself. You don’t have to pretend or put on a facade to fit in. You can be honest about your strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, and goals and aspirations. This level of authenticity makes you feel more comfortable and allows others to get to know the real you.

Finding a role or relationship that aligns with your values is only half the battle; being willing to stay true to your values is the other half. Being yourself can be challenging in a business setting, where there may be pressure to conform to certain expectations or fit a specific mold.
But the truth is, when you’re true to yourself as the leader you are, it makes navigating the business world easier, and it inspires others. Rather than pretending to be someone you’re not, you focus on your strengths and what you bring, allowing you to be more productive and efficient.


Most people appreciate honesty and authenticity, and they can tell when you’re being genuine. You never have to keep track of lies when you speak from your heart or cite facts, simplifying life. Being yourself allows you to build better relationships with staff, coworkers, clients, and customers. It builds trust and rapport, leading to better business opportunities and partnerships.

Being yourself in business allows you to build a stronger connection with others. In a way, being yourself in business is like dating. If you want to find a partner who shares your values, finding a company that aligns with your beliefs and goals is ideal.

One great insight you get from your strengths journey is the power of tapping into different aspects of your talents. So, instead of dimming your light, you’re adjusting the energy in your approach to meet the needs of situations without giving up on who you are.

You can speak from your heart, be honest and be a straight shooter without being rude. Adjust your delivery without compromising your values or pretending to be someone you’re not just to fit in.

Being yourself personally and professionally is vital to living a happy and fulfilling life. Where would you rate yourself on a scale from 0-10, where ten is “I’m always myself, nothing hidden” and 0 is “never?”

Being yourself allows you to build genuine connections with others and focus on your strengths. While not everyone will share your values, that’s OK. Be true to yourself and clear on your dealbreakers. Set boundaries in all aspects of life and choose businesses and people that lift you up..

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