What are your words?

by | Nov 7, 2021 | General, Strengths

Do you ever play with word puzzles on social media?


You know the word images that pop now and then with “the first 3 words that you see = xyz”? See below if nothing else. The words that popped for me the other day were balanced – bold – inspired which are powerful words for me to take on this week, maybe even for the month of November as the holiday season is kicking off.




What this word stands for at this moment of time is to balance life and business, making sure that I include my desires in the daily hustle. There are many activities that are important, sleep and exercise are crucial for me, without either of them choices are often made that are not in my best interest.




Being bold is all about daring to speak up, doing what others don’t dare to do or say, and being fiercely passionate following your inner guidance and truth!  You can do that in so many ways, blogging is one of many ways I express myself and my observations of life.




Inspiration is another key for me to thrive. I’m a creative person with many ideas and while I feel great most of the time cuz I’m wired that way, there are days when I’m not. When I feel inspired, I’m happy and free and that are states that are equally important and tied to inspiration and creativity.


When I put the three words together and look at how that will be expressed it transforms into “an unstoppable powerhouse” which is a fun energy and concept for me to play with and take on.


What are your words?


I created a word puzzle for you to illustrate how it can both be fun and tricky to find the words but your mind is faster.


Close your eyes, take a breath or two, ask yourself which three words would be a contribution to you for the week or month ahead, and write down the first three words that you see.


When you need a boost games like these can contribute some inspiration to your day.


Look at what each word means to you, with what’s going on in your life right now, combine the words and see what your power focus will be for the day/week/month, and then let the words guide you.


What that can look like is simply asking questions for every situation that comes your way, for example;


If you say yes to this, will you be more [your word(s)?] and “will this contribute to your current targets?”


Wisdom comes from within


How you feel comes from within you, and while it’s an art form to be fully expressed and not get triggered by external events, they are still external.


Wisdom often comes from having lived life full-on, so embrace your experiences and use them to inspire others.


Having words, inspirational messages, mantras, etc. can help when you don’t have people around you that are on the same page or if you’ve been on your own for too long.


Talent focus
What I love about seeing life through the lens of your natural talents is that you shift your focus to what you have going for you.


Your natural talents are with you 24/7 why not put them to work in a way that lights you up?


You are a unique being with unique talents, perspectives, skills, desires, and vision.


Why try to be the same as everyone else when none of us are? Isn’t that part of the beauty of living on this planet, to explore and learn from each other?


Pick three words that will inspire you

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