How do you like your eggs?

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Business, General, Strengths

It’s a metaphor, of course, and are you clear on whether you even like eggs and how?

There was this movie with Julia Roberts, Runaway Bride, many years ago. She played a role where her character always adjusted her food orders, especially of eggs, to the men in her life. She kept suppressing her needs until she couldn’t anymore, and ended up leaving a string of men at the altar and with that became a news sensation. She finally did figure out how she wanted her eggs. While it’s a chick flick kind of movie the story has some deeper metaphors worth exploring as it’s an easy trap to fall into in a myriad of areas of life and business.

Discover what’s right or wrong in your world

By the time you’re an adult you’ve been programmed for years by your surroundings and media on what the “right” way looks like in ways of lifestyle, career, who you’re being, your thoughts, feelings, choices, etc. That is, until you break free.

When you travel around the world, you quickly bust the stories about what’s right in one area of the world could be wrong in another part. And beyond that, while the ideals and programming look different around the world, we still face the same issues, connecting to our own truth.

Consider your business

As you get going in your career, unless you target and train for a specific profession, it’s so easy to get into a business area that you may not have intended. And with that a culture.

I sure did, I ended up in dentistry, and while the industry has been great for my growth, it was not what I had planned on doing and I’ve often been the one with a different perspective. I was going to be an interior designer after all, and then I ended up in the hospital and got inspired to become a nurse and then via random events ended up in dentistry.

How do you create success?

We all create our lives and businesses in different ways. I tend to go with the flow and follow my inner guidance, for others it’s laid out more detailed with steps and plans.

None are better than the other, it’s only an issue if you lose sight of “how you like your eggs.” When you can grow and expand in a positive environment where you’re stimulated in what you do, the business area or industry can be irrelevant. If you’re asked to eat your eggs in a specific way, however, the bubble bursts.

Who you work with and how you feel on a daily basis is crucial to success, any performance coach or research will support that.

Decide what you’re here to create
Maybe you’re here to break the mold, creating businesses based on ideas that others may resist and judge. Don’t give up! When you stay connected to your vision while still feeling enthusiastic, you end up creating an amazing life and legacy whether you become known or not.

The key again is to stay present to your own definition of success aka how you want your eggs. Is it time, money, health, love, power, experience freedom, happiness, or all of it?

It’s your life, and whether you choose to have eggs at all, scrambled or over-easy, as long as you make choices that honor your well-being and include those close to you in decisions that affect them, you’ll be alright.

Now, go out and place your order!


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