Pia Jansson is a Business Success Catalyst with over 35+ years of experience guiding SMB executives, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs toward building impactful legacies in business and life.

At the core of her philosophy is the ‘inner gold’ concept—a concept that highlights the unique, innate talents everyone possesses, focusing on inspiring legacy leadership impact.

Using proven tools like CliftonStrengths®, Sacred Money Archetypes®, and Branding with Archetypes®, Pia helps individuals unlock and leverage these strengths to communicate their values, excel in challenging environments, and lead teams that are motivated to perform.

Throughout her extensive career, especially in the dental implant industry, Pia has consistently applied insights from various personal and business-building courses to enact transformative changes. This has established her as a trusted advisor, and she is celebrated for her commitment to continuous learning and the practical application of knowledge.

Pia’s coaching programs have significantly enhanced engagement, boosted confidence, and improved sales figures. Her approach strategically focuses on maximizing natural talents and managing weaknesses, akin to sports coaching.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Pia is passionate about photography, writing, dancing, and design. A dedicated dog mama, she is driven by her mission to inspire others to tap into their ‘inner gold zone.’ Her holistic approach and extensive expertise make her a sought-after mentor for those striving for excellence.

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