Pia Jansson – Bio


Pia Jansson is a coach for high-achieving salespeople who feel like they’ve lost their mojo. They want to identify the problem and get clear on what actions they can take to achieve hit their numbers, get their mojo back and create success in business and in life.

A strategic thinker who gets stuff done, she guides her clients from good to great and help them rediscover their natural-born talents—those things that are completely effortless. Together, you’ll focus on your strengths so you can reconnect to the top-notch version of yourself, and win in business and life.

Having spent 30+ years helping build and reorganize businesses, including areas such as marketing, sales, and education, while also functioning as a strategic partner and executive coach.

She believes that a business is only as strong as its people and helping people step into their best selves is a win-win for everyone involved resulting in a thriving business with engaged employees.

Through strategic partnerships, people come to her to connect, brainstorm, strategize, design and get clear on what actions to take with current challenges in their business and life.

She’s a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach + BP10™ trained, Strategic Partner, Access Bars® Practitioner, Photographer,  Author, Lover of life, and more.

More info can also be found on LinkedIn.

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