Pia Jansson is a Success Catalyst, guiding SMB executives, sales leaders, and sales professionals in their quest to build a legacy of success. At the heart of her approach is the ‘inner gold’ concept. Drawing from the research-backed CliftonStrengths® and other talent-focused assessments, Pia understands that everyone is born with unique, innate talents that shape how they navigate challenges and opportunities. She’s committed to guiding individuals to access, embrace, and amplify these talents, transforming them into rock-star strengths.

Over the past 25+ years, Pia has invested and continues to invest her expertise, time, and resources into numerous personal and business-building courses. She’s applied the invaluable insights gained from these courses to the businesses she’s been a part of, bringing transformative changes. This commitment to continuous learning and application has further solidified her position as a trusted advisor in her field. Moreover, Pia successfully offered a coaching program that empowers individuals to tap into their power zone. This approach led to increased engagement, increased confidence (even for the confident ones), and a significant boost in sales numbers.

With over 30 years of experience in startups and early-stage businesses, particularly in the dental implant industry, Pia’s expertise is vast and varied. She has influenced and managed multiple areas within marketing, sales support, and business strategies. Beyond her official roles, Pia has earned the trust of the C-suite, sales leaders, and peers throughout her career, establishing herself as the go-to person for advice, coaching, practical strategies, and solutions.

Many seek Pia’s insights for a fresh perspective. Her coaching, grounded in CliftonStrengths® and other tools, zeroes in on harnessing natural talents while effectively managing weaknesses. It’s akin to sports, where the focus is on playing to one’s strengths. Beyond coaching, Pia’s passions include photography, writing, dancing, graphic and interior design. A proud dog mama, she’s passionately driven by her mission to encourage people to reconnect to their innate talents—the “inner gold zone” and create a life and business knowing the value you bring.

For a deeper dive into her journey and accomplishments, visit her LinkedIn profile.

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