Natural light photography on the go

Are you looking for images that bring out your inner rock star energy?

Your playfulness & laughter? Sexy? Naughtiness?

You’re looking for images that bring out your best in a natural light setting.

I’ll be the jester bringing silliness, laughter, lightness, energy, and fun. I love spontaneous sessions as they tend to bring out the beauty in people, laughter being one energy that draws people to you.

Are you game to play full out, leave your ego at the door, bring out that inner rock star and show the world what it looks like to have your mojo back?

Catch me in the Los Angeles area or when I’m traveling. The samples below were taken on the fly, ie not planned sessions and representative of what you can expect. You’ll receive higher-res versions of what you see below = sharp. The images below have not been modified.

Schedule a call to chat and see if we’re a fit (click on the button on the top of this page).

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