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Creative | Visionary | Catalyst | Disruptor | Flexible | Possibility/Solutions Focused

As a highly motivated self-starter and master producer, I bring visions to completion. In my previous role, I managed a wide range of responsibilities, including education, events, tradeshow exhibits, sales meetings, marketing, graphic design, speaker, and sales support, while also being part of the leadership team, serving as the right-hand woman to three presidents and offering a coaching program to all employees. I have experience setting up small businesses from the ground up with limited resources, allowing me to develop a keen understanding of organizational needs and a strategic approach to execution. As an experienced executive coach and consultant, I have a proven track record of infusing rock-solid confidence in others by focusing on their strengths. As a powerful motivator, I easily guide successful leaders, sales executives, and peers, fostering trust, confidence, and dedication for positive results. I am fluent in both English and Swedish.


Hi, I’m Pia,

As a seasoned professional with over 33 years of experience building global startups in the dental industry, I have contributed to the success of several organizations. I have worn many hats throughout my career, including marketing, events, exhibits, education, graphic design, sales support, IT, vendor, and office setup. I have also served as a right-hand advisor, strategist, and coach to the presidents and peers, working closely with fellow leaders and the sales team.

In my most recent employment, I built and developed everything from scratch and managed several areas, including marketing initiatives, events, education, graphic design, and sales support. I also offered a coaching program to employees that created a positive environment of trust, fun, self-expression, and increased sales and engagement.

I am passionate about helping people unlock their full potential as leaders. I have continually engaged in personal and professional growth courses, sharing my insights and contributing to the company’s success. In addition, I added a strengths-focused assessment and review to the interview process for prospective hires, creating a more efficient and productive team.

My diverse skill set, expertise, and passion for personal and professional growth make me an asset to any organization seeking a motivated and dynamic professional.

I’m available for employment, gigs, or consulting.

“For most of her tenure in our former company, Pia supported all aspects of the business: sales, marketing, meetings, events, congresses, CE renewal certification, speaker relations, sales meetings, design, etc. I mention the many tasks to share her capabilities and, more importantly, to say that Pia was a powerhouse to the company.”
—Mark A Neri
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