1:1 Coaching for Entrepreneurs in SMB’s

Brand Mastery Blueprint

Transform Your Strengths into Strategic Business Success

For entrepreneurs who aspire to:

Ignite Your Mojo

Rediscover your magic, elevate your game, and create a legacy of innovation and success that reflects your entrepreneurial spirit.

Attract your ideal clients

Elevate your brand and inner gold. Stand out and express the unique vibe of your business.

Boost Your Sales

Shift your money mindset and step into your power zone. Elevate your income and perform like a rock star.

Unlock Your Essence, and Freedom

This exclusive 1:1 coaching and strategy package is designed for entrepreneurs and leaders in small- to medium-sized businesses who want to transform their strengths into strategic business success.


have the money to invest


have an interest in growing as a person and business


understand the benefit of creating a brand that represents who you are


want to know the value of what you bring as a leader and business owner


want to build a cohesive team where all talents work together and contribute their different perspectives to what you offer


want more tools to help interact with people powerfully and positively

You can hire a coach with a cookie-cutter strategy; for some, that will work, but for most, you crave a strategy that’s as unique as your DNA.

Every one of you has different styles, needs, etc., so let’s embark on an adventure tailored to your natural style, talents, vision, and targets. We’ll start from the inside and bring out your inner gold, then create strategies that will work for you.

Dive into a transformative journey to illuminate your inner gold and business vibe like never before.

In the process, you’ll elevate your game, rewrite the rules of your game, smash your goals, and create a legacy of success that’s unmistakably yours.

This program is your gateway to clarity in both personal and business realms.

Scale your business using your unique strengths, and redefine what success means to you.

Shift from merely grinding to thriving, transforming effort into ease and excitement.

After our sessions, you’ll emerge as a clear, confident, and energized entrepreneur, turning your vision into reality.

BONUS: Position yourself as an industry trailblazer, opening new avenues for opportunity and autonomy.

Seize the moment to radiate your true entrepreneurial spirit and step into the success that awaits!

Don’t wait – let your inner brilliance shine as the entrepreneur you were always meant to be!

Your Adventure Kit

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching (9 x 60 min. sessions): Elevate your skills, achieve your business goals, and create a legacy of success. Benefit from my 35+ years of entrepreneurial experience, personal and business growth expertise, and coaching insights.


Dive into your treasure trove: Discover your inner gold via multiple assessments that help you create your shortcut to success.

Think of these as your map to your hidden treasures – the real magic happens as we explore them, reshaping how you see yourself in your full entrepreneurial spirit.

Vivid Visualizations

Create Your Success Path! Embark on a transformative journey with my curated collection of guided visualizations. 

Designed to access your visions and dreams for business and life, these visualizations guide you to your zone of genius and forgotten dreams.

Brand & Wealth Identity

Create Your Signature Brand: Elevate your confidence and articulate your core identity at first glance.

Attract your ideal clients with ease, establishing deeper, authentic connections and laying the groundwork for the legacy you aspire to.

This journey intertwines your unique brand essence with your financial archetype, empowering you to navigate business and life with newfound clarity and strategy

Unlimited Access

Stay connected effortlessly. Overcome daily challenges swiftly with your “Coach in a Pocket” Voxer access, available Mon-Fri.

2 Power Boost Calls

Up to 4 x 15-minute impromptu calls for when you need a quick consultation or motivation boost.

OnDemand Resources

Access a wealth of resources to track your journey, motivate yourself and your team, and discover effective stress management tools.

Why This Journey Rocks!

Decades of Wisdom:

Benefit from over 35 years of entrepreneurial creation.

Dive into my treasure trove of knowledge spanning business development, field marketing, strategy, and personal evolution.

Together, let’s transform your journey into a legend.

Not Your Average Quest

Dive into what makes you unique, leveraging your strengths and values for success.

Empowered Decision-Making

Master confident decision-making aligned with your goals. Gain clarity and strategic insight, enhancing your leadership and autonomy.

Customized Coaching Experience

This 3-module approach, which we’ll customize to your individual needs, is designed to align with your zone of genius, guiding you to your goals with passion.

Collaborative Creativity

Transform your challenges into opportunities with a brainstorming partner at your side.

Energize your potential! Unlock your intuition and creativity. Anticipate both personal and professional growth as we join forces to refine and bring your vision to life.

Have your questions answered – I navigate the sweet spot between coaching and consulting, ensuring you receive tailored guidance and actionable insights.

Strengths as your compass

Navigate your path to higher performance with your strengths as your compass.

Expect a partnership that offers support, tracks progress, and explores every facet of life to propel you toward success.

Define your brand identity

Discover your core values, revenue creation methods, and unique brand voice to attract ideal clients.

Explore what sets you apart, understand your audience’s perceptions, and create a narrative that highlights your unique sweet spot.

Create a brand that’s memorable, authentic, and resonant.

Confidently embrace and project your true entrepreneurial identity confidently.

Your Trilogy of transformation

Step 1: Your Personal Brand

Discover your unique strengths and your secret sauce to an energized life and business.

These are not just skills but part of your innate wiring, making you special and setting you apart. Often, these talents are taken for granted or overlooked as life’s demands overshadow our natural gifts.

In this module, we delve into the essence of what makes you unique, exploring how your talents shape your personal narrative and contribute to others. Understanding your abilities and needs helps maintain balance and fully leverage your strengths.

By the conclusion of this journey, expect a transformation in your perspective and approach to business and life. This shift will pave the way for the legacy and success you desire, turning your innate qualities into a powerful tool for achievement.

Let your strengths guide you to your desired outcomes, providing a solid foundation for building an extraordinary life.

Through this exploration, you’ll gain a comprehensive view of your capabilities, informed by feedback from your supportive community, and develop a roadmap that aligns with your unique strengths, setting the course for your success.

Step 2: Your Money Magic

Many entrepreneurs leap into ventures fueled by sheer passion yet often find the map to financial strategy somewhat… elusive.

You might be the daring type, diving into high-risk investments for their glittering returns while keeping a watchful eye on expenditures, or perhaps you’re the master of savings, excellent at accumulating wealth yet hesitant to reinvest.

Understanding your financial behavior is key—it’s deeply connected to your personal traits and significantly impacts your business.

Whether you’re inclined to take calculated risks or prefer a more conservative approach, aligning these financial tendencies with your business strategy is crucial.

By the end of this module, you’ll see money in a new light. You’ll redefine your money narrative, creating a story that energizes and empowers you.

Leverage your unique strengths to devise financial strategies that align with your business vision and drive you toward success.

Step confidently into your financial strengths, use them to grow your business effectively, and transition from old narratives to achieving new, ambitious financial goals.

Step 3: Your Business Brand

In this module, you’ll elevate your business into a unique expression of your essence. It’s a journey designed to create a brand that stands out, deeply resonates with, and attracts your ideal clients.

Discover how to infuse your brand’s personality and passion into a lighthouse for those you’re meant to serve.

Learn to articulate the unique elements that set you apart beyond skills and experience.

We’ll dive into identifying your passions and how they translate into your business, providing a rich foundation for your brand’s narrative and strategy.

By the end of this exploration, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of your brand’s essence, preparing you to collaborate effectively with designers and copywriters to bring your vision to life.



Regain balance and clarity with the on-demand recordings, spanning a vibrant mix of business and well-being topics. If inner turmoil has you in a funk, it’s time for an invigorating mindset shift.

Explore this accessible module and pick a topic that aligns with your current state and aspirations in business and personal life.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Feel free to request new topics!

Let the recorded visualizations be your guide, to uncover and breathe new life into forgotten dreams or visions, leading you toward your desired outcome while tapping into vivid journeys.

Experience the transformative journey these visualization sessions offer, designed to enhance your performance and well-being.

Step confidently into your visions, ignite positive change, and move forward at your own pace and convenience.

BONUS 2: Workbooks & forms included

You’ll have access to tools and forms that make uncovering your talents insightful and enjoyable.

These resources, created through reflection between sessions, are your personal guides to understanding how your unique strengths appear in your life and business.

Embark on a self-discovery journey that’s infused with a light-hearted touch. These tools are your personal lens to seeing your talents in action, combining introspection with a sprinkle of fun.

Through this exploration, you’ll see the connection between your natural abilities and business achievements in a new light.

It’s about recognizing the power of your talents and leveraging them in ways that infuse your professional and personal life with energy and creativity.

So, let’s keep it engaging and effective. After all, discovering your strengths should be as rewarding as revealing.

‘Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Game’ unfolds over a standard 3-month journey, but flexibility is key. Choose the intensive track for a condensed experience with three dynamic 3-hour workshops, or extend your journey for deeper exploration and personalized growth. Select the path that aligns with your pace and preferences for a customized transformation.

A powerful experience

Working with you, Pia, to decipher my unique brand was a powerful experience. After the session, I felt inspired and had clarity on how to represent the authentic me in my brand, where I had been overwhelmed and felt stuck before.
I highly recommend that others work with you to create their own unique brand.

— Debbie Balfour, Real Estate Investing Success Coach

BWA: Nurturer/Alchemist

I feel stronger and in more control

This has been an empowering and powerful journey, truly a great experience. I’ve gained significant self-awareness regarding my financial habits and a newfound sense of power and clarity in my approach to money. I feel stronger and more in control.

It’s enlightening to realize that my financial identity isn’t fixed but a matter of choice, depending on which archetypes I embrace—like selecting the right tool from a toolkit. This perspective has greatly reduced the ‘shoulds’ in my approach to finances.

— Yasmine Bijan, Lifestyle & Business Strategist

SMA: Maverick, Alchemist, Nurturer


Before these sessions, I never thought that this could even impact many other areas of my life, too, and I was amazed how the tiny little things can help change my perspectives around money and, as a result, my life! I’m already seeing positive shifts around me, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds in the coming days.

—Akanksha Bansal, CEC, CLC

SMA: Accumulator, Alchemist, Ruler

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