1:1 Coaching for Sales Professionals

Reignite Your Sales Mojo

Increase sales by being your rock star self!

Reignite your mojo, hit your targets, and leave a legacy of success.

For sales professionals who want to:

Feel great about who you are

You question yourself and your confidence has taken a hit. Something is missing.

Overcome Sales Challenges

You’ve hit a wall, stuck in overwhelm, trying to hit your numbers while the company vibe is down.


Sell yourself better

Create and express your personal brand based on your strengths: from the inside and out.

Open the door to your power, abilities, and freedom!

This exclusive 1:1 coaching & strategy package is tailored specifically for sales professionals to reignite your mojo, hit your targets, and leave a legacy of success.

Embark on a fun and insightful journey of self-discovery with Reignite Your Sales Mojo: Increase Sales by Being Your Rock Star Self. Through this coaching program, you’ll harness and unleash your zone of genius and unique strengths as a sales professional. Say goodbye to having to do more and be more, and make success easy!

After coaching with me, you’ll be known as someone who’s clear, confident, and energized, making your vision a reality. BONUS: You’ll leave a lasting impact on the people you interact with, opening doors to your power, abilities, and freedom!


Don’t wait for your inner gold to shine like the rock star you are with your strengths!

The reignite your mojo coaching program includes the following:

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching (9 x 60 min. sessions): Reignite your talents, hit your targets, and leave a legacy of success. Zoom coaching calls are recorded (optional). You get to work with a neutral third party who will take you from A to Z, where you’ll gain new perspectives and access valuable tools. Benefit from my 35+ years of business-building experience, 25 years of intense personal and business growth, and expertise in coaching sales leaders and sales professionals.


A library vault of sales leadership assessments from my toolbox is included (as needed): The assessments are the starting point; the magic is in exploring how it shows up in your life. Your perspective of yourself will shift (in a good way) so you can FINALLY shed trying to be all things to all people and shine as your true self; it’ll be a no-brainer to be yourself fully when you understand the power of your talents and strengths.

As we dig deeper into each report, you’ll uncover your success formula without adding MORE to your plate! We’ll cover topics such as your natural talents, needs, gifts, and what your brand looks like, which will help you market, sell and present yourself.

Guided Meditations

Tools that will help you stay focused and hit your performance targets and visions. You’ll have access to a vault of guided meditations of audio files, scripts, and videos ranging from 2-30 minutes to help you stay connected to your genius zone. [You’ll also find curated YouTube playlists.]

Shift overwhelm into a feeling of relaxation and inner fulfillment. Access forgotten dreams from a relaxed state and connect to your imagination and inner self. 

Express Your Personal Brand

You’ll develop a signature brand that will catapult your confidence, communicate who you are at first glance, and help you connect with others more authentically and easily – so you can leave the legacy you desire.

From how you dress, the colors you wear, and your talents and passions – your signature brand is a total inside and-out makeover!

Unlimited Access

Stay connected effortlessly through Voxer. No more waiting when you’re stuck! With your invaluable “Coach in a PocketVoxer access, available Mon-Fri, you’ll overcome day-to-day quagmires without missing a beat. Say goodbye to setbacks and embrace uninterrupted progress.

2 Power Boost Calls

Up to 15 min x 2 impromptu calls to use when you feel stuck with a problem, need to talk something through, or need a pep talk before a presentation.

OnDemand Resources

What you need, when you need it. Explore topics to track your journey, find motivation for yourself and your sales team, and discover effective stress management tools. Empower yourself with the resources that drive success, available at your fingertips.



With 35+ years of experience spanning startups to established SMBs, I provided sales support, coaching sales professionals and C-suite while managing field marketing. My expertise includes events, exhibits, sales meetings, education, product/project management, and graphic design—a trusted advisor to presidents and sales teams, known for rapid results. Tap into my wealth of experience.


Through exploration, we delve into the community’s perspective, magnifying your overall influence and impact. By understanding how others perceive you, we unlock powerful opportunities for growth and success. Together, we’ll navigate this invaluable insight, positioning you for greater achievements and enhanced connections.

Not your typical sales program

Say goodbye to trendy surface-level rah-rah sales tactic programs. Go deep and build success from the inside and out, leveraging your unique strengths and tapping into your true potential. Uncover what truly motivates you and embrace your unique values. Reveal new visions, strategies, and targets while building a high-performing team.  It’s not about adding MORE, just more of WHO YOU ARE!

Signature Program

 I’ll take you on a 3-module deep dive into your strengths based on Reignite Your Sales Mojo. Your journey will be customized to fit your needs, guiding you to nailing your targets from your zone of genius.

Strengths motivator

Achieve higher performance levels that drive success in your roles. With me as your coach, expect unwavering support, progress tracking, and an exploration of all areas of your life. Together, we’ll embark on an exciting journey into your strengths zone beneath the surface, filled with enjoyment and fulfillment. I’ll be your cheerleader as we uncover how everything is connected.

Brainstorming Partner

Access fresh perspectives, collaboration, accountability, support, and professional growth with me as your brainstorming partner. Leverage collective intelligence and new ideas for informed decision-making and greater success.

The three modules of the program


You’ll be scheduling sessions at your own pace, which we’ll discuss during your discovery call. The program is customized to meet your needs and ensure that you progress at a pace that works for you. This is what I recommend:  Three sessions per month.

Before your first session

  • Onboarding survey (targets, current reality, needs, etc.)
  • CliftonStrengths® assessment which identifies your rock star talent
  • Review your calendar and block out 1 hr a week for home play exercises and processing for the duration of the course

It may look like you have it all together on the outside, but you’re stressed and frustrated on the inside—it’s time for a headspace adjustment. Your thinking drives your experience, and in this module, you’ll bridge the gap between your current reality and future aspirations in both business and personal life.

Together, we explore what’s working and what isn’t, unveiling forgotten dreams or reigniting dreams you gave up on to propel you toward your desired destination.

Understanding your strengths and areas where you can excel sets the stage for profound transformation and growth. That’s how we’ll bridge the headspace gap from where you’re at to where you want to be.

  • Address limiting beliefs such as imposter syndrome and step into your true potential.
  • Tap into the power of your energy to achieve optimal performance and fulfillment. 
  • Transformative self-hypnosis sessions to create positive change and personal growth.
Module 2: Reconnect & Recreate Your Life

You’re harder on yourself than others, creating unnecessary suffering and self-judgment. Embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery as you unveil the unique strengths that set you apart; it’s the one thing your title can’t define. Explore how these talents contribute to others and maintain balance by understanding your abilities and needs.

At the end of this module, your perspective and approach to business and life will be transformed, paving the way for the legacy and success you crave. Let your strengths guide the roadmap to your desired outcomes – the essential foundation for an extraordinary life.

  • Engage in a Talent Review to gain clarity on how your unique talents operate and their impact.
  • Benefit from a 360° view based on your strengths, receiving feedback from your supportive community of fans.
  • Navigate your journey with an ease-filled roadmap tailored to your strengths, paving the way to success.

Discover what your personal brand looks like from the inside out, explore how you express it, and cultivate a signature look and visual identity that brings in all of you.

The difference between surface-level explorations and going deep is the transformational shift. Have you ever wondered what makes you special apart from your experience, skills, and education? Dive deeper into your passion zone as we explore assessments that uncover your true essence.

At the end of this module, your inner purpose will be aligned with your outward presence, creating a powerful connection that inspires and influences others. Tapping into your authentic self will unlock the keys to building meaningful relationships and achieving extraordinary results. Ignite your passions and purpose, and show up as a leader who inspires and motivates your team to achieve greatness.

  • Deep dive into your passion zone, gaining clarity on dealbreakers and priorities across all areas of life.
  • Create your unique brand using inspiring tools that keep you focused on your strengths.
  • Experience your confidence soar as your perspectives, priorities, and leadership style transform.

Download the audit and book a call​

Get the “Sales Mojo Audit,” and identify what’s stopping you, creating overwhelm, stress, and frustration.

I see myself differently now

My time with Pia was a highlight of every week. Every session was interesting and provoking; Pia would ask simple questions and then help guide and navigate through my strengths to clarify what makes me feel alive and passionate about who I am and what I do.

What makes me unique and valuable makes me a positive asset in my profession. The exercises and projects she provided will be used and treasured for years.

— Pamela Pfeifle, District Sales Manager

Strategic® | Positivity® | Empathy® | Communication® | Responsibility® | The Catalyst

 A smart investment

You thought you understood your strengths; you don’t. You thought you could quickly find your mojo again on your own, but not like this. One of the smartest things I’ve done for my career and personal life. You owe it to yourself, your happiness, and your business.

— Rob Mitchell, Sales Professional

Strategic® | Maximizer® | Ideation® | Achiever® | Futuristic® | The Rock Star | Creator


Everyone has tried something outside their comfort zone, and you’re not sure if it will be a good experience. That’s how I felt before starting this program. I thought I was too busy with work and home. It’s going to take too much of my time. Homework. I’m going to be judged. Why do I need to take this on?!

All of my feelings & thoughts were completely wrong. There is no right or wrong, and Pia doesn’t judge. The program is based on you. How you think and what makes you tick. Every person thinks, acts, and reacts in their own special way.

Enrolling in this program will give you a better understanding of who you are and how you can develop your natural strengths (themes) to create a better personal and professional life. You set the pace. You can go as fast or as slow as you want. It’s not painful.

—Tom Butler, Sr. District Sales Manager

Strategic® | Relator® | Achiever® | Responsibility® | Analytical®

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