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From Overwhelm to Leading with
Renewed Confidence and Clarity,
Inspiring a Legacy of Success.

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Identify your roadblocks, reignite your mojo, and unlock personalized strategies for success.



Rock star sales leader

Sales reps with just 30 minutes of coaching per week achieve win rates of 43%. But those who receive 2+ hours? A remarkable 56% win rate. Don’t miss out on untapped talent. Unleash your sales team’s true potential!

Sales leaders—are these company antics bringing you down?


You’re constantly overwhelmed with an endless workload, feeling stressed and unappreciated, and considering quitting.

Hiring Constraints

A hiring freeze derails your team’s training, sales, and support, adding strain and challenges.

Communication Gaps

Multi-generational sales team struggles are hindering collaboration and impacting sales performance.


You’re doubting your leadership abilities, questioning your skills, and feeling constrained in making an impact.

Leadership Disconnect

A lack of alignment and support within the team, peers, and board has led to distrust.

Toxic Company vibes

The company culture is toxic, filled with backstabbing and ego, you’re drained, and it’s hindering sales success.

It can be FUN and Easy!

Unlock Your True Potential: Stop struggling alone with overwhelm and frustration.
Tap into your natural talents to reignite your inner power and mojo.

Reignite team excellence, boost revenue, and leave a legacy of success.

This is where I come in…

I guide sales leaders like you in SMBs to reignite team excellence, boost revenue, and leave a legacy of success.

As your coach, my job is to strategize with you to:

Excel in your role, drive sustainable growth, and build a thriving sales organization that remains agile and adaptable in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

Dive deep into your strengths zone, leveraging your natural talents to maximize your strengths, achieve outstanding results, and leave your desired legacy of success.

Develop effective team development and coaching skills, foster a collaborative team culture that drives sales productivity, boosts morale, and retains top talent.

By working together, we can unlock your full potential as a leader, transform your team’s performance, and position you for long-term success in the competitive business landscape.

Now, Imagine our work together is complete:

What will be different in your life once team excellence has been unlocked, revenue booster and you’re on track to leave a legacy of success?

You’re Energized

You wake up excited and inspired, feeling like your best self, and bring your A-game to your work.

Making A Significant Impact

You’re connected to your mission, living in your strengths zone, and creating a business and life you love.

Your Team is Vibing

With improved communication, diverse perspectives, and collaborative support, your business is growing.

Empowered Presence

You’re the leader people follow joyfully! You love your unique strengths, know what you bring, and need to stay happy and powerful.

Authentic Leadership​

You command attention, listen, and confidently lead. You’re a trusted visionary leader that people listen to.

Sales vibes!

Your positive vibes and clear vision cultivate a happy, engaged, and successful sales team. With a collaborative and vibrant team spirit, your salespeople consistently deliver outstanding results. You experience a significant boost in revenue!

Together, we’ll unlock your untapped potential, elevate your sales leadership, and create transformative outcomes that will energize and inspire you, make a significant impact, improve team dynamics, empower your presence, cultivate authentic leadership, and foster a positive work environment.

Are you ready to take action?

Unlock your leadership potential and ignite your sales success. Click on the button to access the VIP page and embark on a transformative journey toward achieving your goals.

Clients Who Got Their Mojo Back

I'm a confident & transformational leader

Having worked with Pia over the last couple of years, I must admit the experience has been life-changing. Focusing on my strengths and what drives me is the key to much of my success. It’s allowed me to become stronger and more confident in my leadership role. With this kind of self-awareness, I’ve been able to lead others in a more positive way. Each day I begin with a positive approach to problem-solving and hitting things head-on. Don’t wait any longer to seek what drives you and makes you who you are. I’m a confident and transformational leader who loves to embrace my strengths. Thank you, Pia!

—Mark A. Neri, President


I’m more aware of the energy that surrounds me and that I can handle whatever comes my way by simply remembering who I am and what I have learned about myself.

—Iris Lopez, District Sales Manager

Learner | Input | Arranger | Communication | Maximizer


Pia has an ability to, in a relatively brief conversation, effectively help me organize my thoughts, sort out complex issues and achieve clarity on how to move forward. It’s a skill I can’t explain; the pieces just fall into place.


Strategic | Maximizer | Relator | Responsibility | Ideation


I learned a lot about how I should conduct my business to live out a fulfilling career and life. These sessions go beyond work and expand into your everyday life. If you want to learn more about yourself and have more confidence in everything you do, you should work with Pia.

—Andrew, Sales Manager

Harmony | Achiever | Includer | Learner | Responsibility



I’ve always been a very reflective person, looking inward at who I am and what I stand for, but Pia definitely helped me open the door to WHY, and I can honestly say my life has changed all for the better.


Achiever | Analytical | Restorative | Strategic | Competition


It’s a life-changing event to be the best you. It’s the strengths that move your life forward and make you who you are in every aspect of life. Be open and ready for it so that you can optimize the training and it truly changes your life. Some of your strengths may not be what you think. Don’t waste your time; get in there when you’re ready, and then without a doubt, go forward. Don’t NOT do it, it needs to be done, and anyone can benefit from it.

— Bob Skundrich, Area Director of the West, DSO

Individualization | Relator | Strategic | Responsibility | Competition


“Before this program, I didn’t have a useful way of recognizing my core strengths. This program gave that to me as well as the ability to use them in a more directed manner. Pia’s approach to coaching has been a great fit for the way that I enjoy learning. All of her sessions are fun and insightful.

—Greg, Sales Manager

Learner | Strategic | Achiever | Activator | Command

Helps me get back on track

Pia provides me with clarity and perspective, helping me to see possibilities I often don’t see on my own. She also helps me get back on track and move forward again when I feel stuck.

—Michael, Sales Manager

Empathy® | Connectedness® | Adaptability® | Communication® | Relator® – Supporter

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